October 6, 2017

Srikaanth Kumar

Harvard Need Blind Scholarship

Harvard college offers Harvard Need Blind Scholarship 2017 for undergraduate students. This scholarship is a financial aid based entirely on need, not merit. International students receive exactly the same financial aid as Americans under this scheme.


Eligibility criteria:
  • Students who belong to the low and middle-income family and studying at Harvard University.
  • 20% of the parents have total incomes less than $65,000 and are not expected to contribute.
  • Families with income between $65,000 and $150,000 will contribute from 0-10% of their income, and those with income above $150,000 will be asked to pay proportionately more than 10%, based on their individual circumstances. Families at all income levels who have significant assets will continue to pay more than those in less fortunate circumstances.

Dollar 12,000 per annum

Contact Details

Phone Harvard College Admissions 
617-495-1551 Harvard College Griffin Financial Aid Office
 617-495-1581 FAX Harvard College Admissions
 617-495-8821 Office of Admissions and Financial Aid, Committee on Transfer Admissions, or Committee on Visiting Undergraduate Admissions
 Harvard College 
86 Brattle Street 
Cambridge, MA 02138 Admissions Visitor Center 
Agassiz House
 Radcliffe Yard 
5 James Street
 Cambridge, MA 02138

Last Date: 

Feb 1, 2018


Application procedure to apply online:

Step 1: Go to Website link
Step 2: Register as current Student
Step 3: Fill in all necessary details
Step 4: Attach all the required documents
Step 5: Pay application fee and finally submit the form

More Details And Website:



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