December 29, 2017

Sreekanth B

Capgemini SQL Server Technical Interview Questions And Answers

Sharing Couple of T SQL Questions frequently asked in Capgemini interviews:

1. What is the difference between SP and Functions?

2. Can we call SP from Function?

3. Can we write Functions in SP?

4. Given a scenario to define ER Model for the scenario like “A College is organizing a Band”.

5. Prepare the necessary Model with required attributes.

6. How we can access the server 2 table data from server 1?

7. What is synonym & why we use synonym?

8. What is 'linked server' & use of 'linked server'?

9. Can we modify the table data after using the views for that table?

10. Write a query to find the duplicate values & its count?

11. What is view & why we use views?

12. Write a query to find the all Employee names having 'ANZ SQL’?

13. How to create the dummy table?

14. After data loading, what will you test?

15. What are transactions?

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