November 16, 2017

Sreekanth B

Feed does not have subscriptions by email Enabled

As you will notice, I have redesigned my website. One problem I experienced using a Genesis theme is that every time you are going to enter the email for subscription of my contents which is putting the email here:

You will be prompted with this message. “The feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled”.

Feed does not have subscriptions by email Enabled

To solve this issue, I have here created some options to follow. But first let us understand why the FeedBurner error message needs to be solved?

FeedBurner’s impact is on three main business perspectives. To consumers, it will allow them to review large content without any hassle. Subscribing to a blog means you found the website helpful in your part. You don’t want to wait or check for new posts on that page, you can wait for notification in your email. To publisher, it means easy distribution of content without compelling readers because the blog will speak for itself. When your feed is properly working, it will mean being “subscribable”. To advertisers, a FeedBurner will mean promoting the content of your website without being hindered by spam filters, delayed distribution and organic rankings.

What you need to do?

First, we have to double check the settings of your FeedBurner. Since the message as shown above can imply that you haven’t enable the subscription by email. So you need to go to your FeedBurner Settings then go to publicize, then to Email Subscription which offers feed updates via email and click activate.

The service is still active. It means that you have enabled the email subscription service, therefore there is nothing wrong with your setting, and it only means that it needs to embed the codes somewhere in your website or just like in my case there is something wrong with your set-up. Just like with Genesis, they have added plug-in which is called the eNews Extended. It is a widget that easily adds mailing lists to a Genesis-Powered website. It allows the admin to set up using FeedBurner ID or through using e-mail form field. Since I am using the FeedBurner option, I check the information that I have set-up.

Through checking I have seen that I have entered the whole feed address: And to fix this issue I tried using just alseoblog. And luckily it works. Therefore in order to solve the FeedBurner error message, you must just enter your Feed ID name.

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