November 17, 2017

Sreekanth B

How to do live video broadcasts from your Mobile Phone

Wouldn't it be great if you could show a friend either a block away or on the other side of the world an event that’s happening through live video on your cell phone? Now you can, and several websites are allowing people to sign up and freely stream live video from cell phone to the internet.

While older devices weren't able to transmit large amounts of live video in the bandwidth that was available to them, new 3G and WiFi cell phone networks are supporting the ability to be able to transmit live, legible video from something as small as your cell phone, Smartphone, or Pocket PC.

1. Livecast

Livecast is second to Qik in the number of devices supported and has other useful features that other streaming services don’t have.You can also set a list of contacts that get notified when you start any stream. Livecast also allows for notification that you’re broadcasting to Twitter, WordPress, Typepad and YouTube.

2. Livestream

Another well built and maintained service for live video streaming. You can broadcast live videos of an event thru Livestream. On these services, you can see the number of viewers on real time.

3. Justin.TV

Lot many radio stations and custom video channels are running on Justin.TV where you can see people taking video interviews of well known people and promoting their stuff as well.

4. Qik

Thru Qik, you can live stream from your mobile phone and even chat with others as well. It is a clean and easy to use platform for Android as well as iPhone mobile phones.


With the largest user base and views, Ustream is the leader in live stream business on web. You will see proper section for social networking and a ready platform for sharing live videos.

Bambuser, Fixwagon, BlogTV,, Vokle are some more places to live stream an event online by just connecting a webcam or camcorder from your laptop or even from your mobile device.

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