November 9, 2017

Sreekanth B

IT HR Interview Questions with Answers For Freshers

Here is the list of Human Resource (HR) interview questions which are commonly asked in each and every HR interview:

1. Tell me about yourself?

It is the most often asked question in interviews and also the most tricky question. Start by telling why you are well qualified for the position. Remember, always match your educational & experience qualification to what the interviewer is looking for. In other words you should give information what the interviewer is looking for. Be careful that it should not seem rehearsed.

2. What are your greatest strengths?

Number of answers are good to give, but in positive manner. Some good instances are:

About your problem solving skills, ability to work hard, professional expertise, leadership skills, positive attitude etc.

3. Do you have any blind spots?

Disguise your strength as a weakness. Beware this is an eliminator question, designed to shorten the candidate list.

4.  Why should I hire you?

Answer: Try to know the interviewer’s greatest needs and demands, this question will give you advantage over other candidates and give him best facts for hiring you than someone else.

5. Why did you leave your last job?

Always answer in a positive manner regarding reason. Never talk negatively or badly about your previous organization. If you do, you will cut a sorry figure. Give suitable reasons for leaving last job.

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6.  Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Don’t be too specific. Make assure interviewer that you wanna make a long-term commitment with the organisation and this is the exact position you are looking for.

7.  Describe your management style?

Tell about some common labels as  progressive or consensus etc. can have several meanings or descriptions depending on which management expert you listen to. The situational style is safe, and fits to all.

8.  Are you a team player?

Of course, I’m a team player. Always say this and should have examples ready. Tell that you often perform for the good of the team rather than mean is good evidence of your team attitude.

9.  How would you be an asset to our organization?

Highlight and let them know about your strengths. This is the exact question where you can win their heart and with confidence.

10.  Do you have any questions for me?

Always have some questions prepared for the interviewer. How soon will I be able to be join.

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