November 17, 2017

Sreekanth B

Most Common Windows Blue Screen Stop Death Errors

You may have read our earlier articles Most Common Stop Errors  BSOD in Windows, along with relevant Microsoft KB articles. The article applies to Windows 7 too. I have compiled below, from various sources, a few more Windows Stop Error or a Blue Screen and possible workarounds.


This stop error is rare and is caused due to failure to read the registry properly from the hard disk. Best to try and restore the registry from your backup.


This stop error is caused by an application trying to divide by zero. If you receive this error & don’t know which application caused it, you might want to try & examine memory dump.
Most Common Windows Blue Screen Stop Death Errors


An incorrectly configured device driver usually causes this type of error. Difficult to isolate and troubleshoot.


This Bugcode 0x5 indicates that a kernel process was making an attempt to attach to another process. To aid in diagnosis, the user should note all  applications that were executing at the time of the failure. There is no recovery or workaround.


Such an error is usually caused by a poorly written driver or firmware. Difficult to troubleshoot, but Device Manager or System Information tool can help you.


This stop error occurs when Windows has trouble reading from the hard disk. This error can be caused by a faulty device driver. You may also try running your anti virus.


This Bugcode 0x4E error is usually caused by a faulty RAM. You may want to get your RAM checked or replaced. If that doesnt work, there is no other known recovery or workaround


If you have overclocked your CPU, this could result. Also check your power supply.


This Bugcode 0x44 indicates a fault in driver logic. This has been seen to occur on a heavily loaded system. There is no recovery or workaround.


Usually caused by bad SIMMS. Best to call your hardware vendor.

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