February 3, 2018

Sreekanth B

Ms excel shortcut keys Microsoft Clip Organiser main

Ctrl+arrow left or ctrl+arrow Right Move forward or backward one word in the Search text box.
Alt+c Displays the Collection List task pane.
Alt+s Displays the Search task pane.
Alt+h Open Help.
Arrow keys Move left and right, up and down, among collections or clips.
Shift+arrow keys Select additional clips after one clip has been selected.
Ctrl+a Select all clips on the current page.
Ctrl+c Copy (select a clip and move it to the clipboard).
Ctrl+v Paste (paste from the clipboard to Clip Organizer).
Delete Delete selected clip or category.
Home Move to the beginning of a row and select the first item.
End Move to the end of a row and select the last item.
Shift+f10 Display a shortcut menu for a collection, clip, or link (same as right click).
Esc Exit a dialog box.
Tab and shift+tab Shift focus forward and backward between different areas of a dialog box.
Alt+spacebar Open the shortcut menu of a dialog box.

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