March 27, 2018

Sreekanth B

Real Time SSRS Technical Frequently Asked Interview Questions

1. What are single valued parameters?

2. What are multi valued parameters?

3. What are cascading parameters?

4. Drilldown deports are configured at row groups, column groups?

5. What are drill through reports?

6. How do you publish a report?

7. How do you deploy a report?

8. How do you call parameters from a stored procedure in a report?

9. How do you call parameters from child report to parent report?

10. Can we convert Single value parameter to Multivalued Parameter?

11. What is the Cascading Parameter and how do you implement?

12. How do you implement Drill down in SSRS?

13. Cascading parameters?

14. While generating pdfs how do we remove page gaps?

15. How can we import the 3 different tables from one report to 3 different excel sheets?

16. How can we increase the performance of running the report?

17. Where do we give the condition to select the multiple valued parameter?

18. After data loading what will you test?

19. Given a scenario to define ER Model for the scenario like “A College is organizing a Band”.

20. Prepare the necessary Model with required attributes.

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