November 17, 2017

Sreekanth B

Things to Consider Before Accepting an Job Offer Letter

You may be ecstatic on clearing your interview and receiving your offer letter and, sometimes, the desperation to move up the ladder might make you pick up a job offer too soon. However, it is essential to weigh the pros and cons of any offer before accepting it.

Here are a few things to consider before accepting a job offer:

Salary Statistics: Money is always a point of consideration unless you want to switch jobs for personal reasons. You must analyse your potential employer’s pay structure. Even if the offer letter recommends an advanced salary package, you must understand the salary break-up. It is necessary to consider the fixed and variable components of your salary. Differentiate between the gross and net take home; this could save you regrets later. Similarly, you should know the bonuses and how they might be paid to you; this will add perspective to your job opportunities.

Supplementary Benefits: Add-on benefits work towards reducing your expenditure or multiplying your savings. Some companies offer free health insurance packages while others include reimbursement of bills. These extra benefits might be in flavor of you joining the company. For example, if your job requires frequent travel, then a compensation of only boarding and lodging might make you reconsider.
Things to Consider Before Accepting an Job Offer Letter
Time Schedule: Your body has its own clock that could get altered by your new job. You could move from standard hours of nine-to-five to a twelve-to-eight schedule; or, the numbers of hours you put into work could increase; your new role could introduce you to unrestricted, frequent, and across the border travel. It is beneficial to understand the time schedule of your new job beforehand; it will help you gain clarity on whether it is worth the switch.

Job Role: It isn’t always about the designation. Although a fancy job title would seem lucrative, the job role could be disappointing. For example, you could be offered the position of an assistant manager, but your role might be equivalent to that of a team leader in other organisations. Before accepting the offer letter, understand the complete nature of the position being offered. You must also assess its impact on your resume.

Work Environment: Although not crucial, the work environment matters. You might want to start by reviewing the interactions you have with the management. This could be during your interview and other processes. Evaluate the behaviour of your potential team and human resources. Examine your interaction with the immediate reporting hierarchy- your bosses, and your subordinates. The work culture and the basic values of the organisation will help you make an informed decision.

Job Stability: You do not want to join a new job and give it up in a few months’ time. Job stability is important at a new job. Hence, consider the reputation of the organisation. Their vision, values, and policy towards employee career path must match yours. The company might offer you a fat pay package, but they could be low on promoting your interests. Some organisations do not have an organised structure for appraisals and promotions. Ask yourself if these are the factors that you could compromise on. It is hard to stick around if the organisation does not have an employee-centric approach.

Alternate Choices: When making a switch, you might appear for various interviews. You might incline to choose a job offer from a highly reputed company or one recommended by a friend. However, if you have multiple offers, consider all the alternatives available to you. The organisation with a lower pay package could offer more benefits or perks, or a new start-up might offer more growth opportunities. Consider your individual needs before making a choice.

There are several factors that may affect your decision; you must weigh each of them to choose the best job for yourself.

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