February 3, 2018

Sreekanth B

Useful Short Cut Keys of Windows 7 8

Useful Short cut Keys for Windows 7 Windows 8

All the short-cuts listed below are combinations using the Windows key on your keyboard.

Keyboard Shortcut
Windows Key + X This combination will show the textual menu which allows the user to navigate to the Task Manager, Windows Explorer, Control Panel, Run and other similar system utilities.
Windows key + E This shortcut opens Windows Explorer on desktop. Most users will start here to browse through drives, folders, and files.
Windows key + F If you wish to search only for files on your machine, this shortcut will filter your search only for files only.
Windows key + Q Likewise, this shortcut is a search filter only for Applications.
Windows key + W Search filtered for Only Settings.
Windows key + < By holding this keys pair, the user can quickly peep at the desktop.
Windows key + P This combination will be used if you need to connect to external devices like an external monitor or adjust projector settings.
Windows key + C Considering Windows 8 is built around charm use, this will be one of the most popular shortcuts. It will show a notification for current date time, battery life and all of the Windows charms on right-side of the screen. These charms will differ depending on your current task.
Windows key + This will capture a screenshot of your currently opened screen and it will place the image in your pictures folder. (No more mspaint!)
Print Scrn
Windows key + I This shortcut opens up the Settings Panel. From here users can navigate to areas including the Control Panel, Personalization, PC Info, Network Connectivity, and Power Options for Shutdown or Restart.

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