February 28, 2018

Sreekanth B

Flipping a Strength into Weakness In Interview

The "Strength in Disguise" Weakness

What do I mean by a "weakness that is really a strength in disguise"? The weakness is really a good characteristic that has been taken a bit too far.

the two part answers: (1) the Confession, and (2) the Recovery:

Weakness: Self Critic
Strength: Meticulous/Careful

(Confession) "I feel that my greatest weakness is that I am very critical of my own work. I have always prided myself on producing excellent and error-free work. While this is beneficial to my job performance, it is possible to go to extremes."

(Recovery) "I have also found that I can easily waste time checking and rechecking. Now I am aware of what to look for in being such a stickler, so I am always making a conscious effort to trust myself and my quality focus more and not be so incredibly critical of my work. I know that there is a limit to proofreading."
Weakness: People Pleaser
Strength: Easy to Work With

(Confession) "It's important to me that everyone gets along in the workplace. In the past I have always gone the extra mile to help out whenever it is necessary in trying not to disappoint or let anyone down.

(Recovery) "I'm not saying I no longer help others out. However, I've learned to be more assertive, to better recognize and prioritize projects, to know whether I can bail others out without jeopardizing my existing work."

Weakness: New Graduate, Entry-Level, or Career Changer without Relevant Experience
Strength: Hard Worker and Enthusiastic Fast Learner

(Confession) "Some people would consider the fact that I have never worked in this field before as a weakness. However, being highly trainable and open minded, I have no pre-conceived notions on how to perform my job.

(Recovery) "I've always been commended by my employers for my commitment to work hard. I'm always on-time and not a slacker. With this new work, I will have the opportunity to learn the job the way you want it done, not the way a different organization does it. In addition, although I have no former on-the-job experience with this work, I do bring a love of learning new things, which can only enhance my ability to learn this process extremely quickly."

Depending on the opportunity, some employers might view a "weakness" as a "strength" assuming you could stop your "recovery."

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