March 27, 2018

Sreekanth B

How do I Stop Videos Playing Automatically In Facebook

One of the most commonly shared type of posts, video is huge on Facebook. Video also auto plays on Facebook's mobile apps, which is irritating. Here's how to stop Facebook automatically playing video.

Facebook is reportedly testing new auto playing videos with sound for iOS users. For now the audio auto-play tests are running only in Australia. Fortunately for those running Facebook in public places the sound can be switched off by muting the phone or tablet or pressing a mute icon in the video's bottom corner.

How to stop Facebook videos automatically playing on Android app:

Step 1 Open the Facebook Android app and open the Settings menu. To do this, tap the icon with three horizontal lines toward the top right of your News Feed (not the icon with three horizontal lines and a silhouette; this opens Facebook Chat). Like PC Advisory on Facebook.

Step 2 Once in the Settings menu you'll be able to see a link to your profile page, friends, events, photos, pages you manage and more.

Step 3 Scroll down to the Help & Settings section and choose the top entry: App Settings.

Step 4 Under General settings look for and select Auto-play. Video Auto-play offers three options: On Mobile Data and Wi-Fi Connections, On Wi-Fi Connections Only and Never Auto-Play Videos. Choose the latter if you don't want video to ever auto play on Facebook; choose On Wi-Fi Connections Only if you don't like video auto playing because you're worried about going over your tariff's data allowance.

How to stop Facebook videos automatically playing on iOS app for iPhone and iPad

The same Auto-play menu is found in iOS as it is in Android. Tap on the downward triangle at the top of the News Feed and choose Settings, then Videos and Photos.

Choose Auto-Play and select from one of the three options:

On Mobile Data and Wi-Fi Connections
On Wi-Fi Connections Only
or Never Auto-play Videos.

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