May 15, 2018

Sreekanth B

Tips For Women to get ahead in the Workplace

As women are predicted to overtake men in sheer volume in the workplace next year, the Telegraph women business panel shares its top 10 tips for how female employees can seize the opportunity.

1. Surprise people – take on the unexpected tasks and projects and deliver a great result.

2. Build great networks both internally and externally – relationships are key in business.

3. Make sure your accomplishments are recognised by voicing your own achievements. Women are not as proactive as men at blowing their own trumpet.

4. Listen to constructive criticism and act on it quickly and effectively. Listening is the hardest skill I have had to develop to enable me to grow and deliver my organisation.

Tips For Women to get ahead in the Workplace

5. Accept that as a skilled and capable woman you will bring great benefit and qualities to a team; walk tall with that realisation and you will undoubtedly stand out.

6. The most relevant skill in the workplace of tomorrow will be what it was 100 years ago – logic. Common sense is key, so don't be afraid to ask the obvious questions and challenge, constructively, what you're being told.

7. The internet economy accounts for 8pc of GDP. More women should be working towards acquiring much sought after tech skills, whether as budding entrepreneurs or tech pioneers. So; coding, apps, website design, STEM subjects.

8. Turning the rise of flexible working to your advantage, so that where you work is less important than how effectively you work, is a key skill for all.

9. Whether you are starting out in your career or racing up the ladder, build a strong support network around you. It's certainly helped me along the way.

10. My latest bedtime reading backs me up. The Athena Doctrine is based on research which shows that many of the skills needed for successful leadership are often perceived as traditional female attributes. People who are collaborative, empathetic, loyal, and selfless were shown to be more successful than those who were deemed proud, resilient or independent. This doesn’t mean we all need to start volunteering to do the tea run every hour or set up yet another committee. But I do think it’s a useful reminder not to underestimate the importance of team work or to take collaborative working for granted.

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