October 8, 2018

Sreekanth B

What Is Your Weakness? The Irrelevant Weakness

What Is Your Weakness? 

The "Irrelevant" Weakness Example In Job Interview

Perhaps you would prefer to use the harmless weakness strategy. This can signal that you think the question is absurd or that you don't take it seriously, so be careful when you use this.

These weaknesses can be very personal like a hobby or a favourite type of book, music, movie, or video or less personal like a love of travel or a specific model of car. If possible, find an irrelevant weakness that shows you are a good choice for the job.
What Is Your Weakness? The Irrelevant Weakness

Weakness: Addiction to Knitting and Crocheting
Strength: Creativity

This could be a good "weakness" for someone interviewing for a job that requires creativity, or it might be completely irrelevant to the job. As usual, we have a (1) confession and a slight (2) recovery:

(Confession) "I love to knit and crochet, and I spend too much time and effort doing that. I also find I spend too much money on special yarns, needles, and other tools. I even traveled to Ireland to spend a few days on a sheep farm, learning about how the best wool yarn is made and also learning how to create those amazing Irish fisherman's sweaters."

(Recovery) "I know that I will never make my living with my knitting and crocheting. But I enjoy the creative process and love giving family and friends gifts that I have created for them myself. It is also very relaxing for me, and I've learned to limit the amount of money I spend on yarn."
Some interviewers may appreciate how you dodged the question. Others may not, so use caution with this answer.

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