May 4, 2018

Sreekanth B

How to Disable Google Search History In Android Mobile

Google collects information about your previous searches partly to improve its search suggestions and products such as Google Now. But that also means that when you begin to tap in a search query it will display your previous searches, and some of us might prefer to keep that hidden.

Here's how to stop Google search history on Android by turning off web history and deleting your previous search history. We'll also show you how to browse in private for future searches.

Step 1 To access your web history settings open Google Now. Either drag up from the home button or open the Google Search app on your phone. Now click on the three horizontal lines icon in the top Google search bar to open the Menu and choose Settings.
How to Disable Google Search History In Android Mobile
How to Disable Google Search History In Android Mobile

Step 2
 Within the Settings menu choose Accounts & privacy, then Google Account History.

Step 3 Within Account History select the first option - Web & App Activity. (Also here are options to manage your YouTube history.) You'll find Web & App Activity is turned on by default, so tap the check box to pause web history.

Step 4 Google will prompt you to confirm this is what you really want to do, so click Pause to confirm this change.

How to delete previous search history on Android:

The above steps explain how to stop Google recording your search history, but what about the records it has already collected?

Step 1 To remove your previous history you'll need to once again open Google Now and navigate to Settings, Accounts & privacy, Google Account History, Web & App Activity. Now tap the option at the bottom of the page to Manage history.

Step 2 You'll now see a list of all your recent search history. You can select and remove individual items in this list by selecting the check box next to them and tapping Remove items, or you can delete all your search history over a given period.

Step 3 To delete all your search history Tap the cog icon below the search bar to open the settings. Now click Remove items.

Step 4 Google allows you to delete search history from the past hour, past day, past week, past four weeks and since the beginning of time. Select one of these options, then click Remove.

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