May 4, 2018

Sreekanth B

Tips Guide for Building a Successful Career

Building your career is exciting because it provides an opportunity to shape your life in the way you want. It can also be scary when you do not know what it is that you want to do and when you are not sure how you can make a living. The more you are in charge of your process, the better you will feel.

So here are some tips to help move you forward as you create your career:

Personal Branding:

Do you know your brand? Is your brand hurting or helping your career? Take time to assess your existing brand. Next create a strategy to improve and promote your brand.

Ongoing Networking:

Networking is not only about attending conferences and posting your latest article on social media. Ongoing networking is a vital part of your continuous career building strategy. It's an exchange of information and support. As you develop your career, you are helping others to also develop their skills and competencies.

Professional Development:

There is no downside to professional development. With more education and new skills, you are poised for promotions, new job offers, and the ability to perform at a higher level. Face it; developing new skills will enhance your marketability.

Performance Evaluations:

You need not dread your performance evaluation with your manager. Treat it as you would a job interview. Take this opportunity to persuade your manager that you are an outstanding team member, deserving of an excellent evaluation, exciting new assignments, and future promotions.

Mentor Relationships:

If you don't have a mentor, consider finding one. A mentor, formal or informal, can be a valuable asset in your career. They are a few steps ahead of you on your career path and they can advise you of the upcoming dips and twists. Don't forget to pay it forward by mentoring a junior professional as you advance in your career.

Job Search Techniques:

Effective job search techniques have changed quickly and dramatically the last few years. Staying up-to-date with what works - and what no longer works - is important for job search success as you move forward in your career.

Career building is not reserved for those times in your life when you are eager to make a change. Take time to develop a multi-faceted career building strategy. Work your strategy on a regular basis and don't be surprised when opportunity knocks. Make these practices a habit throughout your life!

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