May 17, 2018

Sreekanth B

Tips To Install Free AVG Antivirus On Laptop PC

Here we explain how you can install one of the best-known free antivirus software programmes, AVG Free, on your Android phone, Android tablet, Windows PC or Windows laptop. We also discuss what steps you can take to protect a new iPad or iPhone.

Do not go online using a Windows PC or laptop without installing antivirus software on it. You are asking for trouble. It's all too easy to get a new computer for Christmas and, in your excitement, jump straight on to Facebook or Twitter to tell the world. Don't do it, or you'll spend Boxing Day clearing out viruses and other malware. Or, rather, that tech-savvy relative you happen to know will, and they won't thank you for it.
Tips To Install Free AVG Antivirus On Laptop PC

How to install AVG Free antivirus on a Windows PC or laptop

To download the free version of AVG Free just head to AVG's website and click the big green Free Download button. On the next screen again click the green Free Download button at the top of the page.

The AVG_Protection_Free.exe file will automatically download to your PC. Launch the installer by clicking the notification at the bottom of your browser window or find the file in your Downloads folder.
Note that you will need to be an administrator to install AVG Free. If you are not using an admin account, ask the administrator to enter their password. AVG will then begin to install.
On the first screen click Continue, then select Basic Protection and click Install now.

When User Account Control pops up click Yes.

AVG will install itself and download new updates, then run in the background on your PC.

To run a scan at any time tap on the Protection icon on the AVG home page and select Scan now. You can otherwise leave it running in the background and forget about it.

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