April 5, 2018

Sreekanth B

Tips for Womwn to Stay Fit When You Work In Office

Since getting hired landing that job you've always wanted, you've been too busy trying to impress your office with how hard you can work neglecting your body working through lunch and ultimately forgetting to exercise your body.

I know you may be thinking that there is no time to workout at work. That may be true if you hope to have time to eat lunch. On the other hand, if you have enough time to go to the water cooler then you have enough time power exercise before going back to work.

Here are some office exercises for the following:

Walk as much as possible

Try to walk during your lunch break. If you drive to work, park farther away, and also take stairs rather than escalators and elevators. If you work in a high rise building, take the elevator up a couple flights down, and walk up the rest.

Don't skip breakfast

Skipping breakfast is a no-no because since your metabolism slows when you're asleep, eating a few hours shortly after you wake up will help boost your metabolism. A study in the Journal of Obesity also showed that skipping breakfast increases your desire for fatty foods during lunch time. If you're always in a rush, keep a box cereal or instant oatmeal at your desk so you can eat while you work.

Drink lots of water

Numerous studies have shown that drinking 8-10 glasses of water throughout the day can promote weight loss. Plus, H2O is really good for your skin. Every office has agua, so drink up!

Don't snack

A recent study showed that over 40 percent of office workers surveyed in Britain have gained six pounds a year just from snacking at work. Stay away from the tortilla chips at the vending machine and opt for something healthy like an apple or a trail mix if you do get a little hungry. Bracero suggests sticking to real fruit rather than dry fruit, because some are packed with tons of sugar.

Workout at your desk

Isometrics aka at-your-desk mini workouts are a great way to get some exercise time in at work. Try this good sneaky workout for your abs: squeeze the muscles in your core tightly for one minute while you type on the computer, then release. Do as many reps as you can throughout the day.

Move around the office

It's important to break the habit of a sedentary lifestyle every hour to two hours. What that means is getting up off your behind every time your clock strikes the next hora! And instead of phoning a coworker in the office, walk to her desk in person, and take the time to get up and stretch whenever you can.

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