April 28, 2017

Sreekanth B

Indian School of Development Management Scholarship

The Indian School of Development Management (ISDM) aims to facilitate the creation of a cadre of professional leaders and managers for the development sector.

We envision

To change leadership and management practices in the development sector.

With a mission

To establish Development Management as a separate discipline with its own body of research and experience-based knowledge which is used to prepare future generations of managers for development.

To establish Development Management as a profession in its own right and a critical component for the success of the development sector.

To facilitate the development of an ecosystem for Development Management consisting of a unique body of knowledge, world-class faculty, passionate and bright students, engaged stakeholders and an active alumni group.

To continuously engage with external stakeholders who recognise the value of students of Development Management

Extensively partner with individuals and organizations working in the sector and build acceptance and appreciation of Development Management.

Programme built by the Sector for the Sector

The 1-year Post Graduate Programme in Development Leadership is a unique programme that has been carefully put together in consultation with leading practitioners and academicians, and in partnership with a large number and variety of organizations and institutions working in the development sector.


The curriculum for this programme straddles the world of development (concepts, environment, field realities) and management of development (organization building, intervention design and implementation, ecosystem engagement and more).

The programme has been designed for adults and includes learning opportunities within the classroom (case studies, expert lectures, debates), outside the classroom (group and individual assignments, readings, events) and on the field (internships, enriching travel experience called "Realizing India").

Placement Support

Most of the leading sector organizations have already agreed to participate in our placement and residency process ensuring that our students will be well accepted into the sector.

Financial Support

60 national Scholarships (100% tuition waiver) are available for students who clear the admissions process for this Programme.

Campus Address:

C 20/5-6, Sector 62, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301 (Opposite JSS Academy of Technical Education).

City Office:City Office Address: 79, Anupam Apartments, M.B. Road, New Delhi 110068, India. Ph. 099 99 796993 contact@isdm.org.in

For more details and Eligibility please refer the Website : www.isdm.org.in

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