July 3, 2017

Sreekanth B

Candle Making Home Based Business Ideas For Housewives

Candle Making - Home Based Business Ideas For Housewives And Moms:

Candle making business can be initiated with a small start budget and home based basis. People purchase candle not only for religious purpose but also to scent and decorate their home and business places. The popularity and consumer demand for scented and decorative candles create a tremendous business opportunity for the innovative startup entrepreneurs.

Products for Candle Making Business:

As like any business, the success of candle making business also depends on finding and focusing a niche. The candle is a product that caters a variety of purpose and types by its nature. Broadly you need to determine according to the purpose like a normal candle or creative scented candle as a decor item. Do some market research before starting a candle making business. For the normal white color candle, you will need to determine size and shape. For a creative scented candle, you will need to determine what types of colors, designs, shapes you will be making. You need to decide what type of candle you want to sell i.e. soy, votive, hurricane, tea light, wickless, gel, jar, pillar, novelty or scented candles.

A small scale candle making business can be a great way for the entrepreneurs for extra money or even a full-time income. To start a candle making business, there are many things you should consider to ensure your venture is a success.

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Skills for Candle Making Business

Learn the technique. One of the simplest ways to learn how to make candles is to take a class in your community. You may be able to find one with your local parks and recreation department or even at your local community college. However, you can also find a wide variety of tutorials online. In fact, you'll likely be able to find all you need to know online if that is your preference.
  • You can also check out books from your local library about candle-making.
Raw Materials for Candle Making Business

Find reliable vendors of raw materials like wax, color, fragrance and crafts supplies. Fragrance trends are important as it is often seasonal. Adding fragrance and experiment with color and artistic detail on the candles will definitely increase consumer demand for the product and the result is you are in more profit. Concentrate on other ornamentation related items like bowls, jars etc.

Plan for Candle Making Business

Decide on the location of your business. Generally, if you own a small business without customers who visit your place of business, you can run it out of your home. However, you should always check with your city first to see what laws they have around home businesses. For instance, the city may not allow your business to run out of your garage.

Of course, you can also choose to start your business out of a storefront. In that case, you'll need to scout a location. In addition, buying or renting a space is a significant investment.

Ask about permits. Your city may require you to have certain permits to run your business. The easiest way to find out is simply to ask at your city clerk office, which should be able to tell you what you need.

Promotion of Candle Making Business

Market your product. One of the best ways to market your product is through social media. Basically, you set up business accounts on major social media websites. You can then friend people or use hashtags to attract customers.

Sell in local stores. You have a couple of options when you offer crafts in local stores. Some stores will buy your product outright and resell it. Others will only take a commission when your product sells.A third option is buying booth space in a craft store that sells local crafts.

Sell online. Craft websites are becoming more and more popular. Generally, you set up your own mini site through the larger site, creating a virtual store front. The website handles the transactions for you, and then you mail the product where it needs to go.

The best parts of using a craft website is you don't have to maintain a website, and you've got traffic built in. However, you don't have as much control over design or policies.

You can also build your own website, but that takes some technical know-how, especially if you want to add in a way to buy on the site.

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