March 27, 2018

Sreekanth B

What are the Benefits of Going offline For Few Days In Your Life

At the mid of 2017, I felt like I was continually flipping between life, work and social media. It was making me feel busy and restless and the constant checking became a habit I wanted to shake. So, during the Festival break, I decided to take a week offline. I was interested to know how it would make me feel and more importantly if I could do it!

On Festival Eve, I eagerly packed away my mobile and laptop for few days. It was lovely to switch off and enjoy a slightly more traditional festivals with my family. Free of any background noise.

At the end of the week I scribbled down a few observations and today I’m sharing some of the things I discovered during my week off.

Taking a week off of the internet seems impossible. But how about taking a week off of everything that’s not work related.

Here are some benefits of going offline:

You sleep better:

Does this scene sound familiar: you have gotten ready for bed, but before you nod off you check social media, the news, maybe watch a couple of YouTube videos? This is a common night-time ritual for many people and it’s a ritual that will cost you much needed resting time. Beaming bright lights into your brain before you sleep keeps you awake and engaged when you should be resting your mind. If you stop this even for a night you will instantly notice how fresh and ready you are in the mornings to attack the day and get stuff done.
Benefits of Going offline For Few Days

You focus on what matters:

Staying offline will have the much-needed effect of causing you to only focus on what is important. Maybe you have a project that you need to finish, maybe there are some chores you are putting off or a book that you want to read collecting dust on your shelf; when you step away from useless memes, celebrity news and videos of cats being cute (as fun as they are), you free your mind to focus on what really matters to you and not what’s trending.

The time you spend online is used to benefit you:

How many hours do you waste online in a week? Two, four, six? Whatever the answer is, it will probably shock you. All of those moments add up, from checking Twitter on the train to work to liking Facebook posts while eating your lunch. It’s all time that could be spent to benefit you positively. Instead of checking tweets, read a book or read up on a work project. Instead of looking at Instagram, start learning a second language.  A break from being online gives you back your time and allows you to use it wisely.

You remember what it was like to be focused:

One of the greatest aspects of going offline for a week is you suddenly remember what it’s like to make it through an entire conversation or book without having to feverishly check your phone. You suddenly gain this ability to have laser guided focus and concentration that allows you to get things done. Without the disruptions and distractions of online media or games, you become a new version of yourself, something you can carry with you into the following week.

You reconnect with yourself:

Finally, staying offline means that you get to reconnect with yourself. It allows you to think and act without the influence of outside forces. No more trending topics or endless scrolling, you are left with nothing but your own thoughts and ideas, which is incredibly freeing.

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