August 31, 2017

Sreekanth B

Financial Assistance for Skill Entrepreneurial Development

The objective of the scheme is to provide training to the disabled persons to make them capable and self-dependent through proper technical training in the field of traditional and technical occupations and entrepreneurship. Financial assistance is provided in the form of grant through the SCAs.


The scope of the scheme is limited to

i) the beneficiaries who have received loan from NHFDC through the SCA and are successfully pursuing their income generating activity.

ii) beneficiaries who have been sanctioned loan and are awaiting to receive loan.

iii) potential beneficiaries who wish to avail loan from NHFDC and fulfill the eligibility criteria for availing loan.


The beneficiaries should be in the age group of 15-50 years and fulfill the other eligibility criteria for availing loan from NHFDC.

Duration of Training

Upto 12(twelve) months.

Amount of Grant

i) 100% of the total recurring cost of the training programme is provided by NHFDC.

ii) Stipend - The recurring training cost shall include a stipend of Rs. 500/- per week pertrainee i.e 2000/- per month to the trainee to cover the cost of transportation and other incidental expenses. The training institute/SCA shall release the stipend in favour of the trainee through A/c payee cheque only.

Procedure for Obtaining Financial Assistance

The training proposal is to be submitted to National Handicapped Finance and Development Corporation by the State Channelising Agency/Bank implementing NHFDC schemes; wherever, such agencies sponsor the training. Reputed National/State level training organizations may also directly approach NHFDC with their training proposal. The training proposal is to be prepared in accordance with the guidelines for preparation of training proposal under the scheme.

Training Institutes

The SCA may identify suitable training institute preferably Government training institutes like Industrial Training Institute (I.T.I.), Polytechnic, Engineering College, Agriculture University, National Institute for Entrepreneurialship and Small Business Development etc. Training proposal can also be submitted involving reputed private training institutes. In such cases, profile of the institute, its past record particularly training conducted for the disadvantaged section of the society etc. should be submitted. For conducting training for visually and speech & hearing impaired, the facilities of the institute should be examined and indicated in the training proposal.

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