February 3, 2018

Sreekanth B

Oracle AOL Application Object Library Interview Questions

What is AOL(Application Object Library)? What are the pre-built application components of AOL?

Explain how AOL keeps track of application objects like users(Apps), Responsibilities, Menus, Applications, Functions etc.

What do one need to do to allow a different user to see his/her output file?

What is a request group and request security group?

What are the ways to customize the SRS process in AOL?

Explain each components of request set.

Can you explain the sequence for setting up database change audits in AOL?

What is the use of lockboxes?

What is Auto Invoicing?

What is AUTO Accounting? Steps for setting up auto accounting.

Explain the standard concurent programs for auto invoice interface and customer interfaces.

What is the process of defining shipping parameters in OM

Explain the importance of applsys and applsyspub.

What is a concurrent program and a concurrent request set?

Explain how to delete a concurrent program which is registered.

Differentiate between organization id and master organization id.

What is Quick Code or Lookup Code? Explain the steps of defining a quick code.

Explain how to implement and manage custom schema.

What is US directory under any TOP?

What are the logfile and output file naming conventions?

What is '$flex$ and '$profile$, Waht is the use of '$flex$'?

What are Hierarchical and non Hierarchical security type in value set?

How can we determine the name of a form?

Where can we find the output files and concurrent request logfiles?

What are the various interface tables required for invoices, receipts, customers for conversion process?

What are the various kinds of transactions in AR?

How to change custom.pll file?

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