October 20, 2017

Sreekanth B

Microsoft Project Standard and Project Professional Major Difference

What are the Differences Between Microsoft Project Standard vs Project Professional

Microsoft Project Standard and Project Professional are the two editions of the latest project management software released by Microsoft. Microsoft is known for its amazing applications, plug-ins and updates. One of the widely used project management software is Microsoft Project. Typically, this application has been designed for project managers in assigning resources, laying out plans, tracking phases of projects, analyzing work loads and controlling budgets. This application is used in various organizations for managing progress in small and large projects. The latest Microsoft Project  has incorporated many new and improved applications.

Microsoft Project Standard and Project Professional Major Difference

Microsoft Project Standard

With the help of this application, the users are able to manage their projects very easily. This project management software offers the better experience with its visual enhancements and updates to project managers. It helps complete the projects on time and without any hassles and affects on the overall productivity of the team and organization. The project managers are able to plan, manage and deliver their projects without wasting much time.

There are a lot of features in this application that make it different from others and some of them are mentioned below:

It saves a lot of time and efforts because the availability of numerous functions such as filtering, wrapping, scroll, auto-complete and zoom. You will be able to organize you data as per the data types as this option is readily available in this application.

One of the most powerful features of this application is User-controlled scheduling that makes you capable of controlling and bringing together the ease of use and flexibility of a tool such as Microsoft Excel. You would be able to create schedule of your projects as per your timeframes and availability. It is also possible to place the notes as a reminder in case of additional information is required for your schedule.

In Microsoft Project Standard, you have visually enhanced and a completely new timeline view and now you will have a clearer view of milestones, phases and tasks. With the help of text effects and expanded color palettes, you can make timelines and plans more attractive. You can ever view and share the critical dates and deliverable with others.

Microsoft Project Professional

With the help of Microsoft Project Professional, you will have an option to visually select the resources as per your requirements. This is because of the easy drag and drop feature with new team planner. You can enhance the team collaboration and assess the results. The project managers are able to use this application in wide range of programs and projects. Like Microsoft Project Standard; it is also available as 60-day trial period.

Difference between Microsoft project standard and professional

Microsoft Project standard has been designed to cater the home and small business requirements whereas Microsoft Professional has been developed for large corporations.

The standard version of Microsoft Project includes PowerPoint, Excel and Word and capability to create spreadsheets, professional documents and presentations. The professional version includes these features; however, the Outlook also includes a business contact manager and a publisher.

Microsoft Project Professional has additional features such as At-A-Glance Resource Management to visually create the right mix of resources with drag and drop feature, enhanced team collaboration and asses the results.

As the features are more in Microsoft Project Professional; it is more expensive than MS Project Standard. You should assess your requirements and choose the most-suitable application.

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