March 28, 2018

Sreekanth B

Microsoft Visio Standard and Visio Professional Major Difference

Microsoft Visio Standard and Visio Professional are two editions of the Microsoft Visio planning and documentation tool. It is a graphics program to perform various day to day tasks i.e. business and technical. It consists of Microsoft Visio Standard and Microsoft Visio Professional. Microsoft Visio provides good facilities for users to create and share the diagrams of processes of systems and of course numeric data. It consists of drawing engine as well as lots of content of shapes and templates which helps to perform various functions like communication of information among the organization, maintenance of IT systems and to create new systems.
Visio Standard

It is very helpful to the industry users to use professional looking flowcharts, office layouts, project timelines etc. It helps to prepare the organization chart, to schedule various business activities and also to visualize business processes. For this, it uses specific tools and diagram types to support business process, it splits activities into specific timeline, inserts different pictures and lines into organization charts also generate calendars by the import of Outlook calendar data into Office Visio. The standard version of Visio features all basic diagrams, charts and templates required for planning and documenting data to prepare charts and other office layouts.

Visio Professional

This edition of Office Visio is very useful for the professionals in IT, engineering and software development. This version is specifically targeted to the specific domain needs of these professionals. It includes all the technical tools which are in Visio standard, but also contains additional comprehensive technical solutions and improved functions of the software. It is useful to make network diagrams, different templates like pivot diagram, value stream map template and web development template. It has an advantage that it can integrate various data with different diagrams as well as numerical and textual data in any shape and size. It can create various diagrams for engineers i.e. floor, space diagrams, different database models etc.

Difference between Visio Standard and Visio Professional

Both versions of Microsoft Visio are similar in their basic utilities, but Microsoft Visio Professional is better in terms of functionality and advantages as it is specifically aimed at specific needs of various IT, and engineering professionals. Microsoft Visio standard can open files which are created in Microsoft Visio Professional but the data features and automation of data features of the file is disabled. The professional version has extended shapes as well as templates and also connectivity tools which are specifically meant for technical persons. To make the usage of functionality of new Data Graphics, you will require a professional version of Microsoft Visio.

The Microsoft Visio professional provides extra facilities over Microsoft Visio standard.

Building of space and floor plans

Data linking

Various engineering diagrams

Net diagrams

Pivot diagrams

Directory services diagrams

Value stream diagrams

Site mapping

Documentation of web sites.

These are the additional tools which are provided by Microsoft Visio Professional over the Microsoft Visio Standard.

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