October 20, 2017

Sreekanth B

Sheila Sherlock Postgraduate Fellowship Programme

EASL - The Home of Hepatology has announced Sheila Sherlock Post Graduate Fellowship Programme 2018 for newly qualified postgraduate researchers who wish to expand research fields and start developing their independent research careers. The program is open to Europeans and non-Europeans who wish to conduct post-graduate research at a European centre.
Sheila Sherlock Post Graduate Fellowship Programme 2018

  • Candidates must be active EASL members or have applied for membership at the time of the application;
  • Applicant must not hold a permanent position;
  • The Hosting Institution must be in Europe;
  • The Hosting Institution must be different from the Home Institution and preferably located in a different European country;
  • No more than 1 application per hosting and home institution will be considered;
  • The research supervisor in the hosting institution must be an EASL member but must not be a member of the EASL Governing Board.
  • No restriction on the applicant's age or nationality

Variable Awards

Last Date:

Nov 30, 2017

Contact Details

EASL - The Home of Hepatology 7 rue Daubin 1203 Geneva Switzerland
Phone: +41 (0) 22 807 03 60 Fax: +41 (0) 22 328 07 24
Email: fellowships@easloffice.eu

How to Apply

Application procedure to apply:

Step 1: Visit the Site Link to apply

Step 2: Create an account as new user

Step 3: Fill in all the details

Step 4: Attach all the necessary documents if required

Step 5: Finally submit the application form

More details

  • Base funding of 60,000 EUR per year paid directly to the Hosting Institution, providing support for basic salary. The Salary Contribution may also cover part of the research expenses, depending on the salary determined by the Hosting Institution, and detailed in the fellowship application.
  • The Salary Contribution is calculated based on the country-specific correction coefficient, as determined by the European Union on an annual basis. The Hosting Institution may need to pay a top-up to the eligible fellows from another budget source to complement this contribution.
  • A detailed research proposal identifying an important research question and the plan to achieve the aims (max. 4 pages)
  • A detailed CV (Max. 2 pages)
  • 2 reference letters (including one from the candidate’s senior mentor at the home institution)
  • An official letter signed by the candidate’s supervisor at the hosting institution including the following:
  1. A statement detailing how much of the design and research work will be done by the candidate,
  2. A statement confirming that the object of the research program is unpublished (as defined by not having appeared on PubMed) by the closing date for award submissions
  3. A confirmation that the Hosting Institution will appoint the candidate under a temporary employment contract if the fellowship is granted.
  4. A confirmation that the candidate is, or has applied to become, a member of the EASL.
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