October 20, 2017

Sreekanth B

What are Major Difference Between MS Office and Open Office

What are Major Difference Between MS Office and Open Office

Microsoft Office and Open Office are two different applications in the office software suites. The software packages are chosen by professionals depending on the requirement of features, criticality of the work and most importantly the affordability. They always compare both the MS Office and Open Office for each of these features.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft office is the software whole and solely owned by Microsoft Company. Thus, it is developed, tested, marketed and sold taking into consideration the commercial ability of the product in mind. Company will quote its prize in the market which compensates for all the expenses incurred by the product as well as profits for the business development.

However, as it is developed by the highly professional technicians and aimed to compete for the best in the market, it is found to be quite superior to other similar applications and you will have to pay for installing Microsoft Office or it also comes pre-installed in the systems. From user’s point of view MS Office is the best software available for the professionals who demand more features and advance facilities.

Open Office:

Open office is the software available for free to every one and comes pre-installed on Linux systems. It is developed by various software developers voluntarily to provide free software access to all. However, it is more difficult than MS office in terms of the easiness to work except in some areas where it can stand equal to the MS office. One, who has enough experience working on open office, can do all the general work swiftly as many shortcuts and commands are same in both the applications. Following shortcuts will be same for both the applications:

Cut – Control X

Redo – Control Y

Save – Control S

Copy – Control C

Open – Control O

New – Control N

Paste – Control V

Undo – Control Z

However, it’s quite clear that Open Office has limited features than Microsoft office, Very limited. You will have to learn some differences and similarities between both

For example: Page preview in Open Office.org will be same as the print preview command we use in the MS Office.

In some parts, it dominates MS Office and has been able to get appreciation from the users. If you have a look at some features of the Open Office like Open office impress, it beats the MS office power point in making the presentations in easier as well as impressive way.

Difference between the Microsoft Office and Open Office:

Support differences: You may find a lot of support in Microsoft office which is more than what you get for Open office. Number of add-ons and additional features can be added and help function linked to internet can support you to solve all your queries in case of MS Office.

Email facility: Microsoft outlook is the unique facility for integration Office with you email structuring software.

Updates in the Microsoft office are more frequent than in Open Office

Some terminologies are different with similar applications in both such as spreadsheet software is called Excel in Ms Office.

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