May 15, 2018

Sreekanth B

Windows 7 Starter Vs Windows 7 Home Premium Edition

What is the difference between Windows 7 Starter vs Windows 7 Home Premium Edition

Windows 7 starter and Windows 7 Home Premium are operating systems developed by Microsoft. Both the operating systems are the latest offering by Microsoft and have been launched after Windows Vista. There are certain differences between both the versions of Windows.

Windows 7 Starter Edition

Windows 7 starter edition is the fourth edition of Windows other than Ultimate, Professional and Home Premium. The main difference from other versions is that Windows 7 starter edition is specially designed for netbook computers. Users cannot install the starter edition on their standard personal computers. This version of Windows is currently available only as an upgrade on certain netbooks such as HP Mini 110 and Dell Inspiron Mini 10v.

Windows 7 Starter Vs Windows 7 Home Premium Edition

The starter edition can be defined as the stripped down version of Windows. The “Aero glass” feature is missing in this edition and users are able to get only the basic view. Also, there is no aero peek or taskbar previews. Certain personalization features such as window colors, sound schemes and desktop backgrounds are also missing in this version.

Windows 7 starter edition does not support DVD playback, multi-monitor support, and domain support for customers, windows media center and remote streaming of media that includes videos, recorded TV and music. Users cannot switch without logging off in this version.

Although the starter edition has very limited features but still it is good for netbooks. Checking the mail, internet and other common uses that suit the netbooks can be done easily using the starter edition. Another added advantage is that it is very cheap to upgrade from Window XP to Windows 7 in your netbook.

Windows 7 Home Premium

Windows 7 Home Premium is the latest operating system offered by Microsoft. Other versions of Windows 7 are starter, basic and ultimate. Users can easily create home network using the home premium version can share music, videos and photos. This version also supports Windows Media Center through which you can watch Internet TV anytime when you are free.

Windows 7 Home Premium is a huge improvement over Windows 7 starter edition. Home Premium can do all the things that starter edition cannot do. Users can easily create Homegroup in home premium edition which allows them to connect different PCs to a printer.

Difference between Starter Edition and Home Premium

Windows 7 Starter Vs Windows 7 Home Premium Edition

• Starter edition does not supports personalization options such as Aero Glass, taskbar preview, color options etc whereas home premium supports all these features.

• Starter edition does not support DVD playback whereas Home Premium supports it.

• Home-group feature is present in Home Premium but it is not available in Starter Edition.

• Home premium also support XP mode that allows users to run programs designed for Windows XP but this mode is not present in starter edition.

• Windows Media Center is also present in home premium but not in starter edition. Media center allows users to watch Internet TV.

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