March 8, 2018

Sreekanth B

Managing Projects with Microsoft Professional and Project Standard

Major Difference Between MS Project Professional Vs MS Project Standard

Microsoft Project Standard and Project Professional are the two editions of the latest project management software released by Microsoft. Microsoft is known for its amazing applications, plug-ins and updates. One of the widely used project management software is Microsoft Project. Typically, this application has been designed for project managers in assigning resources, laying out plans, tracking phases of projects, analyzing work loads and controlling budgets. This application is used in various organizations for managing progress in small and large projects. The latest Microsoft Project  has incorporated many new and improved applications.

Did you know that are a lot of difference between MS Project Professional and MS Project Standard?  There are a few that make a lot of difference in how you may manage your project.

For example, resources:

Inactivate Resources
  • Standard – can be not viewed
  • Professional – displayed throughout resource views and you are prompted if there is remaining work
Generic Resources
  • Standard – not available
  • Professional – available as placeholders and substitutions
Enterprise Resources
  • Standard – not available
  • Professional – able to be shared across multiple projects

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