May 4, 2018

Sreekanth B

Things Everyone Should Have in Their Home This Winter

With the winter season finally approaching, cold temperatures bring the need for warmer clothes. If you haven’t prepared already, it’s time for you to brace your closet for winter’s dark nights and cold days. Revamping an entire wardrobe each season can be an unnecessarily expensive task. Instead, stock up some pieces that will serve as the foundation of your wardrobe.

Here we have listed the wardrobe staples that are all you need for the winter season to keep you warm yet fashionable:


Footwear is an essential element of a woman’s outfit. It’s vital to balance fashion, comfort, and function, especially when it comes to winter boots. Winter boots are quite essential for battling the winter season. Settle on one pair of basic, dark boots for work and formal occasions or special events. Perfect with an oversized knit sweater and jeans for daytime wear or paired with a sexy black dress for happy hours, your boots will keep you from freezing and make you look and feel gorgeous and confident.
Things Everyone Should Have in Their Home This Winter
Things Everyone Should Have in Their Home This Winter

The Leather Jacket

Some wardrobe staples defy fashion trends and continue to be must-haves for every year. Although trends come and go, a classic leather jacket is the one trend you need to focus on for keeping you warm this winter. The leather jacket is that one item that improves as it ages and will continue to look stylish year after year. If you already own one in black, opt for a lighter colour that will complement the other pieces in your wardrobe. A chic way to layer up a sweater dress or carry an off-duty casual style, a leather jacket will remain a reliable addition during the winter months.

Woollen Scarf

The ultimate winter essential, scarves are a versatile must-have accessory and will leave you looking stylish and feeling warm. Scarves have the power of adding a dominant element of style since they feed colour to an otherwise bland outfit. Play up the off-duty cool and team it with a suede shirt and skinny jeans. You can also add an elegant touch to your look by pairing it with a blazer and an A-line skirt.

A Cosy Knit

Cosy sweaters are the foundational pieces when it comes to revamping your winter wardrobe. There is simply no way you can make it through winter without adding a comfy sweater to your wardrobe, so try to buy as many as you can in different colours and styles. A cosy knit adds instant comfort and oomph to your look during the cold days of winters. The versatility of a cosy knit means that you can make it work for a casual brunch, night outs, and even the office.

Coats and Blazers

No wardrobe is complete without a thick woollen coat. A coat is another must-have item that will prove to be really useful during the winter months. Woollen coats that come with a shapely waist offer a more flattering and sophisticated look. Opt for a statement double-breasted, black trench that will elongate your overall silhouette and will make winter seem like a breeze. Pair it with a skirt and heeled boots or dress it down with a white shirt, statement earrings and black trousers.

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