August 26, 2018

Sreekanth B

Adobe Analytics Freshers Interview Questions And Answers

What Is The Primary Purpose Of An Evar?

View conversion events in the context of data dimensions.

Which Is Not A Possible Value In The Referrer Types Report?

Mobile Apps.

What Is Used To Breakdown Traffic Variables (sprops) By One Another?


What Is The Best Way To De-duplicate Sitecatalyst Metrics?

Serialization is the best way to de-duplicate SiteCatalyst metrics.

Where Can You Go To Share A Previously Created Bookmark With Other Users?

Favorites > Bookmarks > Manage Bookmarks.

What Is The Correct Syntax For Capturing An Event Called “booked Flight” In Event1?"event1".

How Will Commas In My Product Name Interfere With My Data?

They cause everything after the comma to be treated as a separate category/product/units/revenue entry in s.products.

What Does The Acronym 'saint' Stand For?

SiteCatalyst Attribute Importing and Naming Tool.

Which Sitecatalyst Features Allows You To Visually Show Website Performance And Track Progress Against Set Goals?

Targets features allows you to visually show website performance and track progress against set goals.

What Is The Default "expire After" Setting For Newly Enabled Conversion Variables (evars)?

Visit is the default "Expire After" setting for newly enabled conversion variables (eVars).

How Many Custom Evars Are Available In Each Sitecatalyst Report Suite?

75 custom eVars are available in each SiteCatalyst report suite.

When Using Link Tracking, Which Adobe Analytics Report Will Be Populated If The Second Argument In Is A 'o'?

When using link tracking, Custom Links Adobe Analytics report will be populated if the second argument in is a 'o'.

For Improved Clickmap Tracking, Where Should The S_objectid Variable Be Set?

In the onClick event handler of a link.

Which Is Not Required In Order To Capture Paid Search Keywords?

The paid search keywords reports must be enabled by Adobe ClientCare.

What Is A List Prop?

A variable in which you can pass multiple values in a delimited list so each value gets credit for that page view.

What Is The Purpose Of The Pagetype Variable?

Captures URLs that lead to a 404 Error Page.

What Is The Difference Between Participation And Allocation?

Participation assigns full credit and allocation assigns partial credit.

What Is The Proper Syntax To Capture A Product Being Added To The Shopping Cart?"scAdd" s.products=";Adipure 11pro"

What Is The Max Size Of The (site Sections) Variable?

100 bytes

If S_account Is Empty, Not Declared, Or Contains An Unexpected Value?

No data will be collected.

What Is Maximum Number Of Report Suites That A Company Can Use?

No limit.

How To Use S_account?

s_account is use when setting the report suite.

What Is The Saint Api Used For?

Importing meta-data to describe and group reporting values.

Which Is Not An Allowed Allocation Setting For Conversion Variables?

Decaying is not an allowed allocation setting for conversion variables.

What Is Multi-suite Tagging?

Sending SiteCatalyst data to two or more report suites is called Multi-suite tagging.

How Can You Compare Two Date Ranges In A Single Report In Ranked View?

Click "Compare Dates" in the calendar module.

What Is The Best Method For Adding Meta-data To Sitecatalyst Variables?

Classifications is the best method for adding meta-data to SiteCatalyst variables.

What Type Of Sitecatalyst Variable/report Would You Use If You Want To See Pathing Behavior?

Traffic variables (sProps).

Which Are Not True About Classifications?

Classifications can be applied to out-of-the-box reports.

What Is The Difference Between Product And Conversion Syntax For Merchandising Variables?

Product Syntax is set in the s.products variable, while Conversion Syntax is not.

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