May 14, 2018

Sreekanth B

Adobe Fireworks Freshers Latest Interview Questions Answers

What Is Fireworks?

Adobe Fireworks is a graphics program developed especially for the creation of web based graphics.

Fireworks allow the greatest amount of control with ease of use and power. Some of the features are necessary that are well adapted into the program are layers, spe- cial effects, the ability to use Photoshop plug-ins, and much more.

Some of the most unique and powerful features of Fireworks lay in the exporting of graphics which traditionally had to be handled by a third party piece of software for viable compression. Fireworks allows the creation and editing of animated GIF files, JPG files, and the new Internet standard file PNG (Portable Network Graph- ics).

Another powerful area of the Fireworks program is that all parts of the image are editable at any time. This has never been done in a graphics program before. Basi- cally what this means is that if you get all the way through finishing an image and decide you don’t like a certain area, it’s not a problem. Anything can be changed at any time.
Adobe Fireworks Freshers Latest Interview Questions Answers

For example if you make a spelling mistake in some of the text on an image you can click on it and change it around. This could be compared to automatically cre- ating a layer for every single thing in an image so that it can be edited at all times without affecting the rest of the graphic.

As well as it all time edibility, Fireworks also has real-time effects. This means that if you want to experiment with a bevel, you play around with it and instantly see how the change would affect the image as a whole. (Some others effects are drop shadow, emboss, glow, and more).

You can also create JavaScript Rollovers, animations and optimize your images for use on the internet, create image maps, batch process your graphics and much more. Fireworks also have a great Export Preview window that shows how your graphics will look like in different formats and in different settings before you save them. The number of features in Fireworks is simply unmatched in any graphics program.

A minor setback with this program is that the constant edibility and real-time ef- fects take up memory. When you have windows running, 32 MB of RAM on your system, Fireworks still sometimes uses about 5mb of that RAM.

What Menu Options Will Change The Dimensions Of The Working Canvas?

Modify, image, canvas size menu options will change the dimensions of the working canvas.

Reducing Horizontal Scaling On Text Results In What?

The height is increased and width is decreased.

The Crop Tool Will Crop An Image By Cropping Out Everything?

The Crop tool will crop an image by cropping out everything outside of the crop box.

Which Can You Not Do In The Layers Panel?

Convert layer to Bitmap.

How Do You Delete A Layer?

Drag the layer to the trash can icon.

What Must You Do To An Image Before Animating It?

Convert it into a symbol or Modify > Animate > Animate selection.

When You Clone An Object The Object Is?

When you clone an object the object is duplicated to a new layer.

How Can You Make A Bitmap Fade From 100 Percent Opacity To 0?

By attaching a mask then setting the gradient tool from 100 percent opacity to 0 and applying the gradient to the mask.

How Can You Automate Replacing One Type Of Font With Another Throughout A File?

Click on Window > Find > select Font in the category, set the font and font style to Find and the font to replace it.

What Color Depth Does Fireworks Save 16-bit Tiff Files As?

24-bit color depth.

A New Document's Width And Height Is Pre Set At?

W 400 X H 200.

What Does The Shortcut Ctrl+i Do?

Selects the Pointer tool.

What Is Fireworks Png?

Fireworks PNG format embeds all of the vector layer data into the meta data section, allowing future editing.

How Do You Change The Size Of The Grid's Cells?

View > Grid > Edit Grid.

Painting On Top Of A .png Image Will Do What?

It will create a new layer on top of the image.

What Is The Definition Of A Hotspot?

Areas of a larger graphic that are interactive.

What Happens If You Click Ctrl+d On Pc Or Cmd+d On Mac?

The current selected images or layers get deselected.

What Happens When You Resize The Canvas?

The Canvas is resized and the content stays the same size.

What Is The Definition Of A Vector Graphic?

Image represented through the use of lines and curves.

How Do You Convert To A Symbol?

Modify>Symbol>Convert to Symbol

What Is The Definition Of A Bitmap Graphic?

Image composed of dots arranged in a grid.

What Is The Definition Of A Workflow?

Sequence of connected steps.

How Do You Adjust The Brightness Of An Image?

Filters>Adjust Colors>Brightness/Contrast.

What Is The Optimize Panel For?

The Optimize panel allows you to set an export type for a particular file or individual slice.

What Will Happen When An Image Is Placed Outside Of The Canvas Area?

It will not appear in the saved file.

The Common Library Can Be Used For What?

Using pre made content like buttons.

How Do You Flip An Image Horizontally?

Right click on the image then choose Transform > Flip Horizontally.

What Is The Difference Between Importing And Opening A File?

Importing a file inserts a document within the current working document, while opening a file opens the document in a new tab.

What Does 'slicing' Refer To?

Slicing is a way of breaking up a document into image and code aspects for exporting a file as a website.

How Do You Convert An Image To Sepia?

Command>Creative> Convert to Sepia.

What Must First Be Done To A Vector Image Before A Part Can Be Selected With The Lasso Tool?

It must be flattened or converted to a bitmap.

How Do You Convert An Image To Black And White?

Command>Creative>Convert to Grayscale.

What Is The Definition Of Tweening?

Process that blends two or more instances of the same symbol.

How Do You Apply A Layer Mask?

Select the mask layer, cut it, select the layer you want to mask then select Modify>Mask>Paste as Mask.

What Does The Eyedropper Tool Do?

It allows you to select an average color from one or more pixels.

How Do You Create A Pop Up Menu?

Right click on an image slice and select Add Pop Up Menu.

What Is The States Panel Used For?

It controls the different frames for animation.

How Do You Wrap Text Around A Circle?

Create a circle and create a line of text, select both the circle and text, in the top menu click on Text > Attach to Path.

How Do You Add A Gaussian Blur To An Image?

Select the image, in the Properties panel click the + next to Filters, select Blur > Gaussian Blur.

What Does 9 Slice Scaling Allow You To Do?

It allows you to scale a bitmap or vector image while retaining key geometrical features.

What Is The Difference Between Fireworks And Flash?

Fireworks - Graphics Studio (some user interaction) is great for website layouts and image manipulation. You can create a layout using Fireworks, slice up all the sections and export that image to web format. It is awesome for layouts as well as logo design. While a Flash - Multimedia Studio (major user interaction) is great for a complete multimedia/user interactive design.

What Is Use Of Fireworks?

Fireworks is Adobe's answer to PhotoShop. It can do lots of what Photoshop do and in some cases better like always being able to turn on and off certain filters.

Fireworks accept most PS filters and plug-in.

It's more powerful in creating a screen-based graphics rather than print-based and its tight integration with Flash and Dreamweaver and its fairly simple GIF animator.

What Is Fireworks Html In Dreamweaver?

I figured out how to create graphics with hotspots in Fireworks. I make it work and it’s great. But when I export to Dreamweaver and try to insert into an existing docu- ment there, it’s not working.

I was able to copy and paste instead of export, and the graphic showed in Dreamweaver, but it was not quite right (hotspot colors were wrong), and it still did not show in a browser.

How Do You Export A File?

Set the export format in the optimize panel then click File > Export. Choose a file destination and click Save.

What Is A Batch Process?

A way to convert a number of selected files to a specific format all at once.

How Do You Make An Image Have A Drop Shadow?

In the Properties panel click + to add new filter then choose Drop Shadow.

What Is The Quickest Way To Select All The Non Empty Pixels Of A Bitmap Image?

Hold down ALT and click on the image in the layers panel.

What Is The Difference Between A Slice And A Hotspot?

A slice is exported as an image or HTML segment while a hotspot can be added to a slice for image map code.

How Do You Convert A Bitmap Into A Vector?

Select the pixels of the bitmap you wish to convert then, right click the selection and choose > Modify Marquee > Convert to Path.

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