May 23, 2018

Sreekanth B

Cosmetology Freshers Interview Questions And Answers

What Is Natural Hair Braiding?

Natural hair braiding includes braiding a person's hair, trimming hair extensions as applicable to the braiding process, and attaching commercial hair by braiding and without the use of chemicals or adhesives. As of June 8, 2015, natural hair braiding no longer requires a license or certificate to perform or teach.

I Have A Salon Gallery. If All The Rooms That I Am Leasing Are For Natural Hair Braiding Services Only, Do I Need A Beauty Salon License?

No. If the only services being provided are for natural hair braiding, you do not need a Beauty Salon license.

I Recently Submitted A Hair Braiding Specialty, Instructor, Or Specialty Salon License Application. What Is Going To Happen To My Application?

TDLR is no longer accepting braiding license applications or renewals. We will return the license or certificate fees to anyone who applied for a braiding license on or after June 8, 2015.

Why Was Hair Braiding Deregulated?

The 84th Texas Legislature passed House Bill 2717 and Governor Greg Abbott signed it into law on June 8, 2015, deregulating natural hair braiding.

What Is A Mini-salon?

A Mini-Salon is a room or suite (leased or rented) inside of a salon gallery available to be used for cosmetology services. The Mini-Salon is a separate establishment operated independently from the salon gallery and any other Mini-Salons. It must be enclosed with walls and separate from the common areas.

What Has Changed To Hair Braiding Requirements In Texas?

As of June 8, 2015, natural hair braiding no longer requires a license or certificate to perform or teach.

Hair weaving that includes braiding with the use of chemicals and adhesives still requires a hair weaving specialty license.

What Is A Salon Gallery?

A salon gallery is a beauty salon, specialty salon, or dual shop containing separate rooms or suites (leased or rented) available to be used for cosmetology services.

What Are The Requirements For A Mini-salon?

A Mini-Salon must be located inside a licensed beauty salon, specialty salon or dual shop that contains rooms available to be used for cosmetology services. A Mini-Salon must meet the same requirements as other salon types.

Will I Receive A Refund For My Current Braiding Specialty Certificate, Hair Braiding Instructor License, Or A Hair Braiding Specialty Salon License?

Yes, you will receive a prorated refund of the license or certificate fee. Braiding certificates and licenses issued after June 8, 2013, will be eligible for a prorated refund, based on the number of months remaining on the current license or certificate. We will post more information about refunds on the TDLR website soon.

We will send the refund to the mailing address we have on file for you. If you need to update your mailing address, please mail, fax, or email it to us. Be sure to specify that this is a change of address. Include your name, license number, new mailing address and old mailing address.

Can I Use A Comb During My Natural Hair Braiding Sessions?

Yes. TDLR does not regulate natural hair braiding.

Can I Braid In Commercial Hair And Cut It?

Yes. You can braid in commercial hair (natural or synthetic) and cut it.

Since A License Is No Longer Required Can I Perform Natural Hair Braiding In My Home And Charge My Clients?

TDLR does not prohibit this; however, there may be applicable local regulations. TDLR no longer regulates braiders as of June 8, 2015.

Can I Provide Natural Hair Braiding Services In A Licensed Cosmetology Salon?


I Have A Salon Gallery And One Of The Rooms Leased Out Is Providing Braiding Services. Does That Room/space Require A Mini-salon License?

No, a room/space where only natural hair braiding services are provided does not require a Mini-Salon license.

Who Is Responsible For Maintaining The Common Areas And Shared Equipment Inside A Salon Gallery?

The salon gallery owner is responsible for maintaining all common areas and shared equipment.

Can A Mini-salon License Be Transferred From One Room To Another Room Or Location?

No. A Mini-Salon license is only for that specific room and is not transferable.

Are We Required To Display The Mini-salon License Inside The Mini-salon?
Yes. The license must be displayed inside the Mini-Salon at all times.

I Have A Beauty Salon License. Do I Need A Barber Shop Permit To Hire A Barber?

Yes, a barber may work only in a facility licensed as a barbershop or a dual barber shop/cosmetology salon.

Can I Transfer My Out Of State License That I Obtained Through An Apprenticeship Program?

No. TDLR does not accept training or work experience obtained through an apprenticeship program. Texas law requires that hours of instruction are completed in a licensed beauty school.

Can My Barber School Hours Transfer To Cosmetology School Hours?


I'm An Out-of-state Cosmetology Student. How Do I Transfer To A Texas School?

You must first obtain a certification/transcript of your hours. To obtain a certification/transcript of your hours, contact your state cosmetology agency or your school, depending on your state.

How Can I Become A Cosmetology Instructor?

To be eligible for a cosmetology instructor license, you must:

be at least 18 years of age;
have a high school diploma or a high school equivalency certificate;
hold a current Cosmetology Operator license;

have completed:

750 hours of instruction in methods of teaching in a licensed private beauty culture school or a vocational training program of a publicly financed postsecondary institution;
at least one year of verifiable experience as a licensed cosmetology operator and 500 hours of instruction in cosmetology in a commission approved training program.
15 semester hours in education courses through an accredited college or university within the 10 years before the date of application or obtained a degree in education from an accredited college or university and passed the examination required under 1602.262

Should I Wait To Submit My License Renewal Application Until After I Have Completed My Continuing Education?

No. You may file your renewal application at any time during your renewal period. We encourage you to file the application early so your license won't expire and you won't have to pay late renewal fees.

What Is The Actual Amount Of Instruction Time Required For One Hour Of Continuing Education?

One hour of continuing education is equivalent to 50 minutes of actual instruction time.

Who Notifies Tdlr That I Have Completed A Required Continuing Education Course?

Providers are required to submit to TDLR your continuing education course completion information. If you have taken a course from one or more providers, each provider must transmit that information to TDLR and also issue you a certificate of course completion.

What Is The Application Fee For A Mini-salon License?

The application fee is $60. A Mini-Salon license is good for two years.

When Did The Mini-salon License Requirement Go Into Effect?

The Mini-Salon license requirement went into effect November 1, 2014. As with any new requirement, TDLR will use the first Mini-Salon inspection as an educational opportunity to help you get into compliance with Mini-Salon license requirements.

Does The Mini-salon License Replace The Booth Rental License?

No. A Mini-Salon license is different from a Booth Rental license. A Mini-Salon license is for a place; a Booth Rental license is for a person. A Mini-Salon license is only required for a room/suite that meets the requirements of a Mini-Salon. The individual or entity leasing the room, or the salon gallery owner, may obtain the license.

Why Was The Mini-salon License Created?

The purpose of licensing Mini-Salons is to protect consumers. The goal is to ensure that consumers seeking cosmetology services are receiving the same safe, high-quality service they receive in regular salons, and that all rooms have been inspected to ensure compliance with health and safety regulations.

Are Salon Galleries Required To Have A License?

Yes. Salon galleries must hold a beauty salon, specialty salon, or dual shop license. The salon gallery license type determines what services the licensees in the Mini-Salons are allowed to perform.

Can I Get A Specialty Mini-salon License?

No. There are only two Cosmetology Mini-Salon license types: the Mini-Salon license and the Mini-Dual Shop license. Licensees working in a Mini-Salon or Mini-Dual Shop may only perform the services allowed under the license type held by the salon gallery.

Who Is Responsible For Getting The Mini-salon Licenses In A Salon Gallery?

The individual or entity leasing the room, or the salon gallery owner, must obtain the Mini-Salon license.

Do I Need A Salon License If I Am A Building Owner Who Currently Leases Spaces To Individuals Or Entities With An Existing Beauty Salon, Specialty Salon, Or Dual Shop License?

No. If all salons have their own individual salon license, you do not need a salon license.

The Salon Gallery Has Both A Cosmetology Salon License And A Barber Shop License, But Not A Dual Shop License. Can I Still Get A Mini-dual Shop License?


Can A Mini-salon Licensee Allow Others With A Cosmetology License To Work In Their Mini-salon?

Yes, if they are properly licensed.

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