December 27, 2017

Sreekanth B

What Is The Difference Between Internship And Training

The Major difference between internship and training is that a training is usually received by an employee whereas an internship is taken up by a student of a higher education institute. Training is typically facilitated by the employer for the employees’ skills development while an internship is an opportunity for students of a particular field to gain practical experience in the real world context. In the case of the internship , work is not guaranteed for the interns in the same company, at the end of an internship unlike in a training program.


An internship can take place in a company, a laboratory or even in a hospital. Following to the successful completion of the theoretical education in subjects like Management, Chemistry or Medical Sciences the students of higher educational institutions are supposed to gain relevant practical experience. The purpose of an internship is to apply the theoretical knowledge in working contexts. In order to facilitate the internship, the higher education institute may work in collaboration with corporate entities or government institutions that host the internship. Also, there are occasions in which students are asked to make contact themselves with an appropriate institution to gain practical experience. In either case, students are not considered as a permanent employee of the hosting institute or given a considerable wage for their work. As well, the usual working hours, conditions, rules and regulations are most of the time not applied to interns. A temporary supervisor appointed by the particular company/organization is normally in charge of the interns during the internship.


Training usually takes place in a company, a vocational training institute, a training centre or even outdoors when the outbound training is concerned. The purpose of training is providing an opportunity for permanent or temporary employees of an organization to develop their work-related skills. For instance, soft skills, leadership skills, technical skills in operating machinery, language/clerical skills could be pointed out. Training is meant for further advancement of a specific job/profession. Some organizations make their temporary staffs permanent depending on successful completion of trainings. Also, completion of training is considered as a qualification for promotions in a specific work line. The employees who undergo training receive remuneration from the related company or institution unlike in an internship.

What is the difference between Internship and Training:

• Objectives of training are rather work oriented.

• It focuses on learning new skills directly applicable in working situations for career development.

• Internship, on the other hand, is designed to gain practical experience than learning new skills.

• Its focus is to test theoretical knowledge learnt in realistic settings.

• Interns are not bound to the laws and regulations of the company, organization they work for. They are also not paid for their work in a similar way to the employees of the same entity.

• Trainings assure opportunities for promotion or joining the permanent staff of the same company unlike internships that provide no assurance for job opportunities.

Even though, training and internship are different in their own ways both provide useful learning to the participants.

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