February 1, 2018

Sreekanth B

The Main Benefits of listing Your Company on Stock Exchange

Every day new companies go public on the stock exchange and offer an initial public offering to buy company stock. Some companies fare well and thrive as a member of the stock exchange for many years to come, while others come and go quietly with little notice. The reasons for deciding to list a company on the stock exchange vary, but there are benefits to those that do so.

Furthermore, taking a company public reduces the overall cost of capital and gives the company a more solid standing when negotiating interest rates with banks. This would reduce interest costs on existing debt the company might have.

The main reason companies decide to go public, however, is to raise money - a lot of money - and spread the risk of ownership among a large group of shareholders. Spreading the risk of ownership is especially important when a company grows, with the original shareholders wanting to cash in some of their profits while still retaining a percentage of the company.
The Main Benefits of listing Your Company on Stock Exchange

One of the biggest advantages for a company to have its shares publicly traded is having their stock listed on a stock exchange.

In addition to the prestige a company gets when their stock is listed on a stock exchange, other advantages for the company include:
  • Being able to raise additional funds through the issuance of more stock.
  • Companies can offer securities in the acquisition of other companies.
  • Stock and stock options programs can be offered to potential employees, making the company attractive to top talent.
  • Companies have additional leverage when obtaining loans from financial institutions
  • Market exposure - having a company's stock listed on an exchange could attract the attention of mutual and hedge funds, market makers and institutional traders.
  • Indirect advertising - the filing and registration fee for most major exchanges includes a form of complimentary advertising. The company's stock will be associated with the exchange their stock is traded on.
  • Brand equity - having a listing on a stock exchange also affords the company increased credibility with the public, having the company indirectly endorsed through having their stock traded on the exchange.
Offering shares to the public has other advantages for companies, besides the prestige of having their stock publicly traded on a stock exchange. Before the Internet boom, most publicly traded companies had to have proven track records and have a history of profitability.

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