February 9, 2018

Sreekanth B

Email Handling Most Common Interview Questions Answers

One Of The Best Ways To Organize Your Inbox Is With?

Folders is One of the best ways to organize your inbox.

What Is A Whitelist?

A list of pre-authorized email addresses that will be delivered regardless of spam filters.

What Does Eom Stand For?

End of message

Which Of These Attachment File Types Should You Avoid Downloading?


What Does "bcc:" Stand For?

Blind Carbon Copy.

What Is The Purpose Of Icon Emotions In Email Communication?

They are meant for fun and entertainment value.

What Is A Moderated List?

An email list where every message must be approved by a moderator before it is sent.

In The Subject Line, What Does <msr> Typically Denote?

Monthly status report.

When Sending Very Long Urls In An Email, Which Of These Should You Ideally Do?

Insert the link into a word or phrase that will let the reader know where the link goes.

If An Important Email Does Not Include A Response Deadline, It Is Recommended To Reply To It?

Within 24 to 48 hours.

What Is Domain Throttling?

A technique to limit the number of email messages sent to a domain within a certain time-frame.

What Does Using A Secure Socket Layer Encryption Protocol Accomplish?

Ensures that no one can intercept and read your email while it is being downloaded to the server.

Before Sending A Very Important Email, You Should?

Save it, do something else for a few minutes, then come back and proofread.

If You Receive Several Emails From A Contact In A Row, How Should You Respond?

Address the contents of all the emails in one reply message.

If You Send An Email With A Read Receipt, A Request Will Be Sent To __.

Email addresses in both the To: and Cc: fields.

When Would It Be Best To Use The "bcc:" Feature?

When sending one message to a large group of clients.

When Would Be A Good Opportunity To Use The "cc:" Feature?

You find a press release that is relevant to everyone in the office.

An <ar> In An Email Typically Denotes What?

Action Required.

If Your Email Does Not Require A Confirmation Or Reply, What Is The Recommended Course Of Action?

State “no need to reply” in the email.

What Is An Email Blast?

An email sent to a large number of recipients.

If Colleagues Are Ccing You On Too Many "fyi" Emails, What Is The Recommended Response?

Inform them that you only need to be updated a few times, or when a decision is made.

Which Of These Are Not Appropriate Types Of Messages To Send By Email?

Emotional explanations of misunderstood actions.

If An Email Contains Information About An Event Or Appointment, It Is Recommended That You Should?

Immediately put the information in your calendar.

If You Are Emailing A Colleague Back And Forth, What Is The Recommended Course Of Action After About Three Or Four Exchanges?

Call the individual and resolve the situation over the phone.

Emails You Keep In Case You Need The Information Later Are Called?

Reference emails.

When Using A New Email Platform, What Should You Do First To Improve Your Efficiency Later?

Set aside the time to really get to know the program.

Including A Hyphen ( "-" ) Before A Word In The Email Search Bar Will Do What?

Exclude the word immediately following it from the search.

What Are The "3 Ds" Of Email Management?

Do it, Dump it, Delegate it.

You Can Avoid Excess Email By?

Having a detailed signature line.

To Avoid Acquiring A Computer Virus Through Email, It Is Recommended That You?

Turn off auto-launch graphics and only load graphics from trusted sources.

A Decision To Delete All Emails Older Than A Certain Date, Due To An Overwhelming Volume Of Messages Is Commonly Called?

Email bankruptcy.

Joke And Chain Letter Emails Are?

Typically unproductive and not recommended

If You Receive A Large Number Of Newsletters That You No Longer Wish To Read, What Is The Best Course Of Action?

Unsubscribe to ensure they don't clutter your inbox anymore.

To Increase Productivity, It Is Recommended That You Should Do What With Your Inbox?

Prioritize emails as "very important, somewhat important, and not important," and address them accordingly.

What Does Archiving An Email Do?

It removes the email from your inbox and saves it in another file.

What Does It Mean When An Email "bounces"?

The message failed to reach the recipient.

What Does Fyi Stand For?

For your information.

What Does "nntr" Stand For?

No need to respond.

What Does Rtf Stand For?

Rich Text Format.

Instead Of Receiving Update Emails For Every Blog You Read, You Should Use?

An RSS reader.

How Can The Abbreviation "eom" Help Efficiency?

The recipient will know they don't have to respond to the email.

When Soliciting Or Hiring People From Large Job Sites, Which Of These Should You Do To Avoid Loss In Productivity Due To Spam?

Post a second, public business email address and not your primary address.

In An Email Subject Line, What Does "re:" Mean?


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