March 15, 2018

Sreekanth B

What Is Difference Between Technical Writer and Content Writer

Technical writing and content writing can be understood as the same. There are some similar characteristics between both of these professions. But there are some features which define the little but vast difference between the both. Technical writers design and develop technical documents in which they have to add both their creativity as well as knowledge of technology. Whereas, content writers are the individuals who utilize their creative writing skills for writing for websites, magazines, and newspapers. There are some common skills required for the both technical writer and a content writer such as excellent grammar knowledge, good analytical skills, identifying correct target audiences, and exceptional writing skills.

Technical writers are experts who design, generate, and uphold technical documentations but content writers are professionals specialized in providing appropriate text content to websites or likewise. Technical writers need to have detailed knowledge on different tools and should also have creativity whereas content writers should have only good writing skills. The former decodes complicated technical concepts into trouble-free language to permit a specific user to perform a task in an explicit way. However, the latter helps in informing, educating or interacting by way of writing contents to sell products and services that may not involve promotional literature.

Technical writer courses and career opportunities

Those who have a graduation or a certificate in technical communications can become technical writers. Professionals working in the field may have the talent to craft, assimilate, and convey technical material in a concise and efficient understandable manner. Technical writers can seek out a career in public or private sector. Those who have refreshing thoughts, intellectual ability and creativity can get into multi-national companies and earn a good remuneration.

A technical writer is someone who creates documentation that explains:
  • How to use a product or service
  • How to complete a process
  • When and why a feature should be used
  • What are the consequences of using a feature incorrectly or at the wrong time?
  • How does the feature or process fit into the “bigger picture” of the product or service as a whole?

Content writer courses and career opportunities

Those who have good writing skills without any sentence structure errors and grammatical mistakes can become Content writers. They should be aware of the basic computer software packages also. As so many websites provide the relevant information on a particular topic, the content writer needs to create a variety in his article, which may feel interesting and satisfying to read and should of high quality. Content writers can work for different websites, dailies or in any other public or private sector undertakings.

Content writing is an Umbrella term used to describe any type of content writing, editing and formatting as a Job Function in Sales/Marketing departments.

Specific Content writing is named as per the pitch or reader of the document to be written. Few examples are.
  • Solution Content writing, marketing documents like proposals, proof presentation, executive summary, etc. Target reader is consumer.
  • Sales content writing, sales presentation, case studies, sales pamphlets, etc. Target reader is consumer.
  • “Technical content writing” , User manual, White papers etc. Target reader is client.
  • Web content writing, website sales content, Mass promotion/emails, social media promotions, etc. Target reader is consumer.

Main Difference between Technical Writer and Content Writer

Both technical writing and content writing are concerned with writing skills of an individual, but the procedure is entirely different. The technical writer may have excellent technical aptitude so as to work in varied domains whereas content writers possess an accurate eye-catching writing style so as to make the reader engaged in a particular matter.

1) The technical writing is basically associated with an excellent technical aptitude of a writer in varied domains, whereas content writing is more about making a piece of information as creative as one can so as to make it eye-catching.

2) The pre-requisites of technical writing are Knowledge of Ms office, Robo help, Frame Maker, Snag IT, Captivate, Photoshop, MS Visio etc., whereas the pre-requisites of content writing are Knowledge of MS Office ,English Grammar, Creative Writing Skills.

3) Content Writers write content almost on any subject, including blogs content, websites, articles, reviews for movies, and many more, whereas technical writers are more into simplifying the complicated technical information in simple language.

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