August 27, 2018

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Accenture Python Recent Asked Interview Questions Answers

How To Find Bugs Or Perform Static Analysis In A Python Application?

You can use PyChecker, which is a static analyzer. It identifies the bugs in Python project and also reveals the style and complexity related bugs.
Another tool is Pylint, which checks whether the Python module satisfies the coding standard.

When Is The Python Decorator Used?

Python decorator is a relative change that you do in Python syntax to adjust the functions quickly.

 What Is The Key Difference Between A List And The Tuple?

List Vs Tuple.
The major difference between a list and the tuple is that the list is mutable while tuple is not. A tuple is allowed to be hashed, for example, using it as a key for dictionaries.

 How Does Python Handle The Memory Management?

Python uses private heaps to maintain its memory. So the heap holds all the Python objects and the data structures. This area is only accessible to the Python interpreter; programmers can’t use it.
And it’s the Python memory manager that handles the Private heap. It does the required allocation of the heap for Python objects.
Python employs a built-in garbage collector, which salvages all the unused memory and offloads it to the heap space.
Accenture Python Recent Asked Interview Questions Answers
Accenture Python Recent Asked Interview Questions Answers
What Is NumPy And How Is It Better Than A List In Python?

NumPy is a Python package for scientific computing which can deal with large data sizes. It includes a powerful N-dimensional array object and a set of advanced functions.

Also, the NumPy arrays are superior to the built-in lists. There are a no. of reasons for this.

NumPy arrays are more compact than lists.
Reading and writing items is faster with NumPy.
Using NumPy is more convenient than to the standard list.
NumPy arrays are more efficient as they augment the functionality of lists in Python.

What Are Different Ways To Create An Empty NumPy Array In Python?

There are two methods which we can apply to create empty NumPy arrays.

The First Method To Create An Empty Array.

import numpy

The Second Method To Create An Empty Array.

# Make an empty NumPy array

What is the output of print str if str = ‘Hello World!’?

It will print complete string. Output would be Hello World!.

What is the output of print str[0] if str = ‘Hello World!’?

It will print first character of the string. Output would be H.

What are the ways to write a function using call by reference?

Arguments in python are passed as an assignment. This assignment creates an object that has no relationship between an argument name in source and target. The procedure to write the function using call by reference includes:

The tuple result can be returned to the object which called it. The example below shows it:

def function(a, b):
a = 'value'
b = b + 1
# a and b are local variables that are used to assign the new objects
return a, b

# This is the function that is used to return the value stored in b
- The use of global variables allows the function to be called as reference but this is not the safe method to call any function.
- The use of mutable (they are the classes that consists of changeable objects) objects are used to pass the function by reference.
def function(a):
a[0] = 'string'
a[1] = a[1] + 1

# The ‘a’ array give reference to the mutable list and it changes the changes that are shared
args = ['string', 10]
print args[0], args[1]

#This prints the value stored in the array of ‘a’

What is the output of print tuple if tuple = ( ‘abcd’, 786 , 2.23, ‘john’, 70.2 )?

It will print complete tuple. Output would be (‘abcd’, 786, 2.23, ‘john’, 70.200000000000003).

What is the output of print tuple[0] if tuple = ( ‘abcd’, 786 , 2.23, ‘john’, 70.2 )?

It will print first element of the tuple. Output would be abcd.

Name some of the features of Python.

Following are some of the salient features of python

It supports functional and structured programming methods as well as OOP.
It can be used as a scripting language or can be compiled to byte-code for building large applications.
It provides very high-level dynamic data types and supports dynamic type checking.
It supports automatic garbage collection.
It can be easily integrated with C, C++, COM, ActiveX, CORBA, and Java.

Do you have any personal projects?

This shows that you are willing to do more than the bare minimum in terms of keeping your skillset up to date. If you work on personal projects and code outside of the workplace then employers are more likely to see you as an asset that will grow. Even if they don’t ask this question I find it’s useful to broach the subject.

Is python a case sensitive language?

Yes! Python is a case sensitive programming language.

What are the supported data types in Python?

Python has five standard data types −


What is the output of print str[2:5] if str = ‘Hello World!’?

It will print characters starting from 3rd to 5th. Output would be llo.
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