August 29, 2018

Sreekanth B

LTI Pentaho Recently Asked Interview Questions Answers

What Are Variables And Arguments In Transformations?

Transformations dialog box consists of two different tables: one of arguments and the other of variables. While arguments refer to command line specified during batch processing, PDI variables refer to objects that are set in a previous transformation/job in the OS.

How To Configure Jndi For Pentaho Di Server?

Pentaho offers JNDI connection configuration for local DI to avoid continuous running of application server during the development and testing of transformations.  Edit the properties in jdbc.propertiesfile located at…data-integration-serverpentaho-solutionssystemsimple-jndi.

Explain Pentaho Reporting Evaluation.?

Pentaho Reporting evaluation is a complete package of its reporting abilities, activities and tools, specifically designed for first-phase evaluation like accessing the sample, generating and updating reports, viewing them and performing various interactions. This evaluation consists of Pentaho platform components, Report Designer and ad hoc interface for reporting used for local installation.

Can Field Names In A Row Duplicates In Pentaho?

No, Pentaho doesn’t allow field duplication.

Does Transformation Allow Filed Duplication?

“Select Values” will rename a field as you select the original field also.  The original field will have a duplicate name of the other field now.

LTI Pentaho Recently Asked Interview Questions Answers
Larsen & Toubro Infotech Pentaho Recently Asked Interview Questions Answers

How To Use Database Connections From Repository?

You can either create a new transformation/job or close and reopen the ones already loaded in Spoon.

Explain In Brief The Concept Pentaho Dashboard.?

Dashboards are the collection of various information objects on single page including diagrams, tables and textual information. The Pentaho AJAX API is used to extract BI information while Pentaho Solution Repository contains the content definitions.

The steps involved in Dashboard creation include:

Adding dashboard to the solution.
Defining dashboard content.
Implementing filters.
Editing dashboards.

How To Use Logic From One Transformation/job In Other Process?

Transformation logic can be shared using subtransformations, which provides seamless loading and transformation of variables enhancing efficiency and productivity of the system. Subtransformations can be called and reconfigured when required.

Explain The Use Of Pentaho Reporting.?

Pentaho reporting enables businesses to create structured and informative reports to easily access, format and deliver meaningful and important information to clients and customers. They also help business users to analyze and track consumer behavior for the specific time and functionality, thereby directing them towards the right success path.

What Is Pentaho Data Mining?

Pentaho Data Mining refers to the Weka Project, which consists of a detailed tool set for machine learning and data mining. Weka is open source software for extracting large sers of information about users, clients and businesses. It is built on Java programming.

Is Data Integration And Etl Programming Same?

No. Data Integration refers to passing of data from one type of systems to other within the same application. On the contrary, ETL is used to extract and access data from different sources. And transform it into other objects and tables.

Explain Hierarchy Flattening.?

It is just the construction of parent child relationships in a database. Hierarchy Flattening uses both horizontal and vertical formats, which enables easy and trouble-free identification of sub elements. It further allows users to understand and read the main hierarchy of BI and includes Parent column, Child Column, Parent attributes and Child attributes.

Define Pentaho Bi Project?

The Pentaho BI Project is an current effort by the Open Source communal to provide groups with best-in-class solutions for their initiative Business Intelligence (BI) needs.

What Major Applications Comprises Of Pentaho Bi Project?

The Pentaho BI Project encompasses the following major application areas:

Business Intelligence Platform
Data Mining
Business Intelligence Platform.

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