August 29, 2018

Sreekanth B

Tableau Interview Freshers Interview Questions And Answers

Name a few custom charts which can be created in Tableau?

Sankey chart, waterfall chart, donut chart, radial bar chart, area Pareto chart and other charts like a coxcomb, chord diagram can be created in Tableau. It involves some manual efforts and preprocessing data but it is possible in Tableau. Some of them may not be ideal for automatic data refresh.

What are the new features available in Tableau?

Tableau adds new features often. Notable features are viz in the tooltip, clustering, Dashboard layout, global workbook formatting, improvements in maps, connecting to pdf files and step chart.

What are the different requirement gatherings used in Tableau and other projects?

There are primarily three styles of project requirement gathering.

Clients will give us the list of exact charts to be used and fields for creating dashboards
Clients would share us the screenshot of their old or current dashboard created using other reporting or data visualization software. We need to recreate them in Tableau
Clients will give us the important fields and allow us to try our ideas on visualization. This involves our knowledge and creativity. In-depth understanding of the dataset will help us a lot on creating dashboards.

What is the estimated time for a project?

The time depends on the complexity of the data set and Tableau dashboards to be built. Based on the number of dashboards and calculations to be written, the time will vary. The lowest time could be 5 minutes for a perfect data and minimal calculations and the highest time could be few weeks or months with complex calculations, data processing and multiple iterations of changes.
Tableau Interview Freshers Interview Questions And Answers
Tableau Interview Freshers Interview Questions And Answers

What is data visualization and Tableau?

Data visualization is the process or method of visually representing your textual data. Tableau is one of the leading software in this visualization field. It is been the leader in the Gartner magic quadrant. It is so popular for its performance, interactivity, dynamic and user-friendly. It is a drag and drops with minimal coding

How does Tableau imports data from the database and flat files?

Importing process in Tableau is similar for all database and flat files. The only difference between a database and flat files are: flat files are unprotected and no server or login credentials are required. But to connect to a database, you need to enter the above-mentioned details.

Is Tableau a better replacement for R, SAS?

Tableau is a data visualization software and its primary function is to visualize your textual data. R and SAS are statistical software. Tableau can replace the visualization feature of this software but Tableau cannot replace statistical feature of R & SAS. Fortunately, we can connect R & Python in Tableau, which improves the statistical feature of Tableau.

Can we create more charts than the available ones in Show me?

Yes, we can visualize the data in other charts than the predefined ones in showing me the option. The other charts are called as custom charts. We can create them using customization of marks, complex calculations and sometimes with some data manipulation.

Can Tableau connect to cubes and cloud databases? How different are them for traditional databases and flat files?

Yes, Tableau can connect to cubes and cloud databases. Connection procedure is very similar to the traditional database connection procedure. Cubes are three-dimensional data but when it enters Tableau, it will be converted to 2-dimensional data i.e. it will rows and columns.

Can Tableau connect to the heterogeneous database and flat files at the same time?

Yes, Tableau can connect to multiple databases and flat files at the same time. Data blending can connect them to their old version. Cross-database join is a recent feature that can help us on joining heterogeneous database like SQL Server, Teradata, and flat file.

What are the ideal ways to visualize time data?

The best chart would be the line chart and area chart. Time data can be represented in Bar chart, pie chart. Especially the hourly data looks great on pie chart with equal slice and colored by the measure.

How do you publish or share the Tableau workbook with your end users?

We could publish the workbook to Tableau server or Tableau online. We need to follow the below procedure to publish a dashboard from Tableau desktop to Tableau server or online.

Click on server Tab
Click on Publish workbook
Enter the server and login credentials (first time)
Select the project and enter the workbook title
Change other options like user permissions, refresh schedule if required
And click on publish

We could share the Tableau workbook file over email or shared path too. But the end users should have Tableau Reader or Tableau Desktop to open the file. Tableau Reader can open only packaged workbooks with flat files or TDE or hyper file.

What is Tableau Prep? Is it an integrated feature in Tableau Desktop?

No, Tableau prep is not an integrated feature in Tableau Desktop. It is a brand new software to help developers with their data preparation process. It helps their time on pre-processing and predefined changes. It was earlier called as Project Maestro and redefined as Tableau Prep. It has 3 coordinated views to help the developers view the data inflow view, no of rows associated with each field and sample data in the preview pane.

Tell us about one of the most challenges you faced in your Tableau career.

I built a dashboard for my organization’s top management. They wanted each regional head to view their team’s dashboard only. I used user filter but it needed developer intervention when a head changed. I suggested adding a new column with their windows ID to each row. Concatenated with multiple IDs if required. Used user functions to validate the user. The client can change the entitlement without the developer’s intervention. They have to just update the file and save it on the right path. The database job will pick it and update the entitlement column. This was one of my successful and challenging value additions made.

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