September 24, 2018

Sreekanth B

Accenture Pentaho Recently Asked Interview Questions Answers

Mention Major Features Of Pentaho?

Direct Analytics on MongoDB: It authorizes business analysts and IT to access, analyze, and visualize MongoDB data.

Science Pack: Pentaho’s Data Science Pack operationalizes analytical modeling and machine learning while allowing data scientists and developers to unburden the labor of data preparation to Pentaho Data Integration.

Full YARN Support for Hadoop: Pentaho’s YARN mixing enables organizations to exploit the full computing power of Hadoop while leveraging existing skillsets and technology investments.

Define Tuple?

Finite ordered list of elements is called as tuple.

What Kind Of Data, Cube Contain?

The Cube will contain the following data:

3 Fact fields: Sales, Costs and Discounts
Time Dimension: with the following hierarchy: Year, Quarter and Month

2 Customer Dimensions: one with location (Region, Country) and the other with Customer Group and Customer Name
Product Dimension: containing a Product Name
Accenture Pentaho Recently Asked Interview Questions Answers
Accenture Pentaho Recently Asked Interview Questions Answers

Differentiate Between Transformations And Jobs?

Transformations is moving and transforming rows from source to target.
Jobs are more about high level flow control.

How To Do A Database Join With Pdi?

If we want to join 2 tables from the same database, we can use a “Table Input” step and do the join in SQL itself.

If we want to join 2 tables that are not in the same database. We can use the the “Database Join”.
How To Sequentialize Transformations?

it is not possible as in PDI transformations all of the steps run in parallel. So we can’t sequentialize them.

How We Can Use Database Connections From Repository?

We can Create a new conversion or close and re-open the ones we have loaded in Spoon.

How Do You Insert Booleans Into A Mysql Database, Pdi Encodes A Boolean As ‘y’ Or ‘n’ And This Can’t Be Insert Into A Bit(1) Column In Mysql.?

BIT is not a standard SQL data type. It’s not even standard on MySQL as the meaning (core definition) changed from MySQL version 4 to 5.

Also a BIT uses 2 bytes on MySQL. That’s why in PDI we made the safe choice and went for a char(1) to store a boolean. There is a simple workaround available: change the data type with a Select Values step to “Integer” in the metadata tab. This converts it to 1 for “true” and 0 for “false”, just like MySQL expects.

By Default All Steps In A Transformation Run In Parallel, How Can We Make It So That 1 Row Gets Processed Completely Until The End Before The Next Row Is Processed?.

This is not possible as in PDI transformations all the steps run in parallel. So we can’t sequentialize them. This would require architectural changes to PDI and sequential processing also result in very slow processing.

Is Pentaho A Trademark?

Yes, Pentaho is a trademark.

What Do You Understand By Pentaho Metadata?

Pentaho Metadata is a piece of the Pentaho BI Platform designed to make it easier for users to access information in business terms.

How Does Pentaho Metadata Work?

With the help of Pentaho’s open source metadata capabilities, administrators can outline a layer of abstraction that presents database information to business users in familiar business terms.

What Is The Pentaho Reporting Evaluation?

Pentaho Reporting Evaluation is a particular package of a subset of the Pentaho Reporting capabilities, designed for typical first-phase evaluation activities such as accessing sample data, creating and editing reports, and viewing and interacting with reports.

Explain Mdx?

Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) is a query language for OLAP databases, much like SQL is a query language for relational databases. It is also a calculation language, with syntax similar to spreadsheet formulas.

Why Can’t We Duplicate Fieldnames In A Single Row?

we can’t. if we have duplicate fieldnames. Before PDI v2.5.0 we were able to force duplicate fields, but also only the first value of the duplicate fields could ever be used.

What Are The Benefits Of Pentaho?

1. Open Source

2. Have community that support the users

3. Running well under multi platform (Windows, Linux, Macintosh, Solaris, Unix, etc)

4. Have complete package from reporting, ETL for warehousing data management,

5. OLAP server data mining also dashboard.

Differentiate Between Arguments And Variables?

Arguments are command line arguments that we would normally specify during batch processing .

Variables are environment or PDI variables that we would normally set in a previous transformation in a job.

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