September 24, 2018

Sreekanth B

DXC Technology Pentaho Recently Asked Interview Questions Answers

Explain Why We Need Etl Tool?

ETL Tool is used to get data from many source system like RDBMS, SAP, etc. and convert them based on the user requirement. It is required when data float across many systems.

What Is Etl Process? Write The Steps Also?

ETL is extraction , transforming , loading process the steps are :

1 – define the source
2 – define the target
3 – create the mapping
4 – create the session
5 – create the work flow

What Is Metadata?

The metadata stored in the repository by associating information with individual objects in the repository.

What Are Snapshots?

Snapshots are read-only copies of a master table located on a remote node which can be periodically refreshed to reflect changes made to the master table.

What Is Data Staging?

Data staging is actually a group of procedures used to prepare source system data for loading a data warehouse.
DXC Technology Pentaho Recently Asked Interview Questions Answers
DXC Technology Pentaho Recently Asked Interview Questions Answers

Data Staging Is Actually A Group Of Procedures Used To Prepare Source System Data For Loading A Data Warehouse.?

Full Load means completely erasing the insides of one or more tables and filling with fresh data.
Incremental Load means applying ongoing changes to one or more tables based on a predefined schedule.

Define Mapping?

Dataflow from source to target is called as mapping.

Explain Session?

It is a set of instruction which tell when and how to move data from respective source to target.

What Is Workflow?

It is a set of instruction which tell the infomatica server how to execute the task.

Define Mapplet?

It creates and configure the set of transformation.

What Do You Understand By The Term Pentaho Dashboard?

Pentaho Dashboards give business users the critical information they need to understand and improve organizational performance.

What Is The Use Of Pentaho Reporting?

Pentaho Reporting allows organizations to easily access, format and deliver information to employees, customers and partners.

Define Pentaho Schema Workbench?

Pentaho Schema Workbench offers a graphical edge for designing OLAP cubes for Pentaho Analysis.

Define Pentho Data Mining?

Pentaho Data Mining used the Waikato Environment for Information Analysis to search data for patterns. It have functions for data processing, regression analysis, classification methods, etc.

Brief About Pentaho Report Designer?

It is a visual, banded report writer. It has various features lilke using subreports, charts and graphs etc.

What Do You Un Derstand By The Term Etl?

It is an entri level tool for data manipulation.

What Do You Understand By Hierarchical Navigation?

A hierarchical navigation menu allows the user to come directly to a section of the site several levels below the top.

What Do You Understand By Three Tier Data Warehouse?

A data warehouse is said to be a three-tier system where a middle system provides usable data in a secure way to end users. Both side of this middle system are the end users and the back-end data stores.

What Is Ods?

ODS is Operational Data Store which comes in between of data warehouse and staging area.

Differentiate Between Etl Tool And Olap Tool?

ETL Tool is used for extracting data from the legecy system and load it into specified database with some processing of cleansing data.

OLAP Tool is used for reporting process . Here data is available in multidimensional model hence we can write simple query to extract data from database.

Wha Is Xml?

XML is an extensiable markup language which defines a set of rule for encoding documents in both formats which is human readable and machine readable.

What Are Various Tools In Etl?

Abinitio,DataStage, Informatica, Cognos Decision Stream, etc

Define Mdx?

MDX is multi- dimensional expression which is a main query language implemented by the Mondrains.

Define Multi-dimensional Cube?

It is a cube to view data where we can slice and dice the data. It have time dimension, locations and figures.

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