September 24, 2018

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Hitachi Selenium Recent Asked Interview Questions Answers

What are the different Parameters for @Test annotation?

Parameters are keywords that modify the annotation’s function.

Can we run group of test cases using TestNG?

Test cases in group in Selenium using TestNG will be executed with the below options.
If you want to execute the test cases based on one of the group like regression test or smoke test
@Test(groups = {“regressiontest”, “smoketest”})

In what all case we have to go for “JavaScript executor”.

Consider FB main page after you login. When u scrolls down, the updates get loaded. To
handle this activity, there is no selenium command. So you can go for javascript to set
the scroll down value like driver.executeScript(“window.scrollBy(0,200)”, “”);

What are the test types supported by Selenium?

Selenium supports UI and functional testing. As well it can support performance testing
for reasonable load using selenium grid.
Hitachi Selenium Recent Asked Interview Questions Answers
Hitachi Selenium Recent Asked Interview Questions Answers

What are the different assertions in SIDE?

Assertions are like Assessors, but they verify that the state of the application conforms to what is expected. Examples include “make sure the page title is X” and “verify that this check box is checked”.

Assertions are like Accessors, but they verify that the state of the application conforms to what is expected. Examples include “make sure the page title is X” and “verify that this checkbox is checked”.

All Selenium Assertions can be used in 3 modes: “assert”, “verify”, and “waitFor”.

For example, you can “assertText”, “verifyText” and “waitForText”. When an “assert” fails, the test is aborted. When a “verify” fails, the test will continue execution, logging the failure. This allows a single “assert” to ensure that the application is on the correct page, followed by a bunch of “verify” assertions to test form field values, labels, etc.

“waitFor” commands wait for some condition to become true (which can be useful for testing Ajax applications). They will succeed immediately if the condition is already true. However, they will fail and halt the test if the condition does not become true within the current timeout setting (see the setTimeout action below).

How to store a value which is text box using web driver?

driver.findElement(“your Textbox”)).sendKeys(“your keyword”);

How to handle alerts and confirmation boxes.

Confirmation boxes and Alerts are handled in same way in selenium.
var alert = driver.switchTo().alert();
alert.dismiss(); //Click Cancel or Close window operation
alert.accept(); //Click OK
Handle Confirmation boxes via JavaScript,
driver.executeScript(“window.confirm = function(message){return true;};”);

How to mouse hover on an element?

Actions action = new Actions(webdriver);
WebElement we = webdriver.findElement(By.xpath(“html/body/div[13]/ul/li[4]/a”));

How to switch between the windows?

private void handlingMultipleWindows(String windowTitle) {
Set windows = driver.getWindowHandles();
for (String window : windows) {
if (driver.getTitle().contains(windowTitle)) { return; } } }

How to switch between frames?

WebDriver’s driver.switchTo().frame() method takes one of the three possible arguments:

A number.
Select a frame by its (zero-based) index. That is, if a page has three frames, the first frame would be at index “0”, the second at index “1” and the third at index “2”. Once the frame has been selected, all subsequent calls on the WebDriver interface are made to that frame.
A name or ID.
Select a frame by its name or ID. Frames located by matching name attributes are always given precedence over those matched by ID.
A previously found WebElement.
Select a frame using its previously located WebElement. Get the frame by it’s id/name or locate it by driver.findElement() and you’ll be good.

If Default port no is busy how to change port no?

We can use any port number which is valid.. First create an object to remote control configuration.
Use ‘setPort’ method and provide valid port number(4545,5555,5655, etc).. There after attach this
remote control configuration object to selenium server..i.e
RemoteControlConfiguration r= new RemoteControlConfiguration();
SeleniumServer s= new SeleniumServer(r);

Does Selenium support https protocols?


Majorly asked test scenario with framework in Interviews?

Majorly asked are:

Login for Gmail scenario
Goggle search and finding no of results
Downloading a file and save it
Checking mails and deleting them
Do shopping in

Selenium support mobile applications?

No, it is browser automation tool, it only automates Websites opening in mobile browser, and mobile APPs can’t be automated.

What is wraps Driver?

For casting selenium instance to selenium2 (webdriver). wraps driver is used.

Can you explain Junit Annotation? If there are 1000 test cases. 500 test cases are executed. How will you execute the rest of the test cases by using annotation?

The annotations generated with JUnit 4 tests in Selenium are:

@Before public void method() – Will perform the method() before each test. This method can prepare the test
@Test public void method() – Annotation @Test identifies that this method is a test method.environment,e.g. read input data, initialize the class)
@After public void method() – Test method must start with test@Before – this annotation is used for executing a method before

Difference between assert and verify in selenium web driver.

When an “assert” fails, the test will be aborted. Assert is best used when the check value has to pass for the test to be able to continue to run log in.
Where if a “verify” fails, the test will continue executing and logging the failure. Verify is best used to check non critical things. Like the presence of a headline element.

“I want to find the location of “”b”” in the below code, how can I find out without using xpath, name,id, csslocator, index.
• driver.findElement(By.xpath(“//*[contains(text(),’b’)]”)).click(); or
• //div/button[contains(text(),’b’].

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