October 31, 2018

Sreekanth B

Apigee Most Frequently Asked Latest Linux Interview Questions Answers

You Have A File Called Sales Data And Create Symbolic Links To It In Bob's Home Directory. Bob Calls You And Says That His Link No Longer Works. How Can You Fix The Link?

Because the link in bob’s directory is a symbolic link, if the file sales data in the /data directory is deleted, the symbolic link will no longer work.

What Is Meant By Sticky Bit?

When the sticky bit is set on a world writable directory, only the owner can delete any file contained in that directory.

Your Default Umask Is 002. What Does This Mean?

The digits of your umask represent owner, group and others in that order.
The 0 gives read and write for files and the 2 gives read only for files.

Which Of The Following Commands Will Replace All Occurrences Of The Word Rate With The Word Speed In The File Racing?

When using sed to do a search and replace, its default action is to only replace the first occurrence in each line. Adding the ‘g’ makes sed replace all occurrences of the search term even when it occurs multiple times on the same line.

You Have A Tab Delimited File Called Phonenos And Want To Change Each Tab To Four Spaces. What Command Can You Use To Accomplish This?

By default, expand converts tabs to eight spaces. Use the -t option to change this behavior.

You Issue The Command Head * What Would The Resulting Output Be?

If the number of lines to display is not specified, the first ten lines of the specified file are displayed. The asterick tells head to display the content of each file in the present working directory.

What Text Filter Can You Use To Display A Binary File In Octal Numbers?

The od text filter will dumpt the contents of a file and display it in 2-byte octal numbers.

What Would Be The Result Of The Command Paste -s Dog Cat?

The paste text filter usually joins two files separating the corresponding lines with a tab. The -s option, however, will cause paste to display the first file, dog, then a new line character, and then the file cat.
Apigee Most Frequently Asked Latest Linux Interview Questions Answers
Apigee Most Frequently Asked Latest Linux Interview Questions Answers

You Wish To Print The File Vacations With 60 Lines To A Page. Which Of The Following Commands Will Accomplish This?

The default page length when using pr is 66 lines. The -l option is used to specify a different length.

What Would Be The Result Of Issuing The Command Cat Phonenos?

The tac text filter is a reverse cat. It displays a file starting with the last line and ending with the first line.

You Need To See The Last Fifteen Lines Of The Files Dog, Cat And Horse. What Command Should You Use?

The tail utility displays the end of a file. The -15 tells tail to display the last fifteen lines of each specified file.

Which Field Is Used To Define The User's Default Shell?

command-The last field, called either command or login command, is used to specify what shell the user will use when he logs in.

When You Create A New Partition, You Need To Designate Its Size By Defining The Starting And Ending?

cylinders-When creating a new partition you must first specify its starting cylinder. You can then either specify its size or the ending cylinder.

What Can You Type At A Command Line To Determine Which Shell You Are Using?

echo $SHELL-The name and path to the shell you are using is saved to the SHELL environment variable. You can then use the echo command to print out the value of any variable by preceding the variable’s name with $. Therefore, typing echo $SHELL will display the name of your shell.

In Order To Display The Last Five Commands You Have Entered Using The Fc Command, You Would Type?

fc -5-The fc command can be used to edit or rerun commands you have previously entered. To specify the number of commands to list, use -n.

What Command Should You Use To Check Your File System?

fsck-The fsck command is used to check the integrity of the file system on your disk.

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