October 9, 2018

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CGI Group Most Frequently Asked Latest Oracle Interview Questions Answers

What Is The Significance Of Having Storage Clause?

We can plan the storage for a table as how much initial extents are required, how much can be extended next, how much % should leave free for managing row updating, etc.,

Which Parameter In Storage Clause Will Reduce Number Of Rows Per Block?

PCTFREE parameter
Row size also reduces no of rows per block.

What Is Meant By Free Extent?

A free extent is a collection of continuous free blocks in tablespace. When a segment is dropped its extents are reallocated and are marked as free.

How Will You Force Database To Use Particular Rollback Segment?


List The Optional Flexible Architecture (ofa) Of Oracle Database? How Can We Organize The Tablespaces In Oracle Database To Have Maximum Performance?

SYSTEM – Data dictionary tables.
DATA - Standard operational tables.
DATA2- Static tables used for standard operations
INDEXES – Indexes for Standard operational tables.
INDEXES1 – Indexes of static tables used for standard operations.
TOOLS – Tools table.
TOOLS1 – Indexes for tools table.
RBS – Standard Operations Rollback Segments,
RBS1,RBS2 – Additional/Special Rollback segments.
TEMP – Temporary purpose tablespace
TEMP_USER – Temporary tablespace for users.
USERS – User tablespace.
CGI Group Most Frequently Asked Latest Oracle Interview Questions Answers
CGI Group Most Frequently Asked Latest Oracle Interview Questions Answers

How Will You Swap Objects Into A Different Table Space For An Existing Database?

- Export the user
- Perform import using the command imp system/manager file=export.dmp indexfile=newrite.sql. This will create all definitions into newfile.sql.
- Drop necessary objects.
- Run the script newfile.sql after altering the tablespaces.
- Import from the backup for the necessary objects.

What Is An Index? How It Is Implemented In Oracle Database?

An index is a database structure used by the server to have direct access of a row in a table. An index is automatically created when a unique of primary key constraint clause is specified in create table command

What Is A Schema?

The set of objects owned by user account is called the schema.

What Is Parallel Server?

Multiple instances accessing the same database (only in multi-CPU environments)

What Is A Database Instance? Explain.

A database instance (Server) is a set of memory structure and background processes that access a set of database files. The processes can be shared by all of the users.

The memory structure that is used to store the most queried data from database. This helps up to improve database performance by decreasing the amount of I/O performed against data file.

What Is The Use Of Control File?

When an instance of an Oracle database is started, its control file is used to identify the database and redo log files that must be opened for database operation to proceed. It is also used in database recovery.

What Does A Control File Contains?

- Database name
- Names and locations of a database’s files and redolog files.
- Time stamp of database creation.

What Is Row Chaining?

In circumstances, all of the data for a row in a table may not be able to fit in the same data block. When this occurs, the data for the row is stored in a chain of data block (one or more) reserved for that segment.

How To Define Data Block Size?

A data block size is specified for each Oracle database when the database is created. A database users and allocated free database space in Oracle data blocks. Block size is specified in init.ora file and cannot be changed latter.

What Is Data Block?

Oracle database’s data is stored in data blocks. One data block corresponds to a specific number of bytes of physical database space on disk.

What Is Network Database Link?

Network database link is created and managed by a network domain service. A network database link can be used when any user of any database in the network specifies a global object name in a SQL statement or object definition.

Whether any commands are used for Months calculation? If so, What are they?

In Oracle, months_between function is used to find number of months between the given dates. Example is –

Months_between(Date 1, Date 2)

What Are Benefits Of This Version?

Oracle Virtual Directory aggregates identity sources without consolidation.
Additionally OVD 11g is the only virtual directory on the market that comes with enterprise-class monitoring and reporting in a default configuration.

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