October 31, 2018

Sreekanth B

Datamatics Most Frequently Asked Latest Linux Interview Questions Answers

Which Transistor Is Used In Each Cell Of Eprom?

Floating .gate Avalanche Injection MOS (FAMOS) transistor is used in each cell of EPROM.

What Is Called .scratch Pad Of Computer.?

Cache Memory is scratch pad of computer.

Define Hcmos?

High-density n- type Complimentary Metal Oxide Silicon field effect transistor.

What Is 1st / 2nd / 3rd / 4th Generation Processor?

The processor made of PMOS I NMOS / HMOS I HCMOS technology is called 1st / 2nd / 3rd / 4th generation processor, and it is made up of 4 / 8 / 16 / 32 bits.

Why 8085 Processor Is Called An 8 Bit Processor?

Because 8085 processor has 8 bit ALU (Arithmetic Logic Review). Similarly 8086 processor has 16 bit ALU.

Give Examples For 8 I 16 / 32 Bit Microprocessor?

8-bit Processor - 8085 I Z80 / 6800; 16-bit Processor - 8086 / 68000 / Z8000; 32-bit Processor - 80386 I 80486.

You Attempt To Delete A File Called Sales.mem Using The Rm Command But The Command Fails. What Could Be The Problem?

In order to delete a file, you must have write rights to the directory containing the file.
Datamatics Most Frequently Asked Latest Linux Interview Questions Answers
Datamatics Most Frequently Asked Latest Linux Interview Questions Answers

You Want To Search For Sale And Sales. What Regular Expression Should You Use?

Use the asterick (*) to match to zero or more characters. The ‘$‘ matches to any one character so sale$ would not find sale.

You Want To Know How Many Lines In The Kickoff File Contains 'prize'. Which Of The Following Commands Will Produce The Desired Results?

Using the -c option with the grep command will show the total number of lines containing the specified pattern rather than displaying the lines containing the pattern.

You Want To Verify Which Lines In The File Kickoff Contain 'bob'. Which Of The Following Commands Will Accomplish This?

The -n option when used with sed prints only the lines containing the pattern. In this case, the pattern is ‘Bob’ and the file to be searched is kickoff.

You Have A File Called Docs.z But Do Not Know What It Is. What Is The Easiest Way To Look At The Contents Of The File?

The .Z extension indicates that this is a file that has been compressed using the compress utility. The zcat utility provides the ability to display the contents of a compressed file.

After Copying A File To A Floppy Disk, What Should You Do Before Removing The Disk?

If you do not unmount the floppy before removing it, the files on the floppy may become corrupted.

You Have Set Quotas For All Your Users But Half Of Your Users Are Using More Space Than They Have Been Allotted. Which Of The Following Could Be The Problem?

Quotas are set on a partition by partition basis. If your users have home directories on different partitions, you will need to configure quotas for each partition.

What Is The Real Mean Of Dhcp?

Dynamic addressing simplifies network administration because the s/w keeps track of IP addresses rather than requiring an administrator to manage the task. That means new computer can be added to the network without any risk of manually assigning unique IP address.

What Is Nfs? What Is Its Job?

NFS stands for Network File System. NFS enables filesystems physically residing on one computer system to be used by other computers in the network, appearing to users on the remote host as just another local disk.

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