October 13, 2018

Sreekanth B

Dell Boomi Most Frequently Asked Latest SSRS Interview Questions Answers

What Is The Main Purpose Of A Query Parameter?

The main purpose of a query parameter is to filter data in the data source.

You Want Your Users To Select A Parameter From A List Of Values In A List Box. How Should You Configure The Parameter?

You should create a data source that contains the possible values and then bind the data source to the parameter.

Can We Use Data-grids For Our Report In Ssrs?

We have an ASP.NET project that populates a data-grid. Using data-grid as my data-source for my report using SQL Server Reporting Services. Is this possible? The simple is no. However, nothing's ever simple. A set of reporting controls was added in Visual Studio 2010 allowing you to report in a data-set, on data that was supplied by you. So, if you retrieved your data into a data-set, bound the data-grid to the data-set so it had data to display, you could then use that data-set as the data-source for the reporting controls. These are then client-side reports, not server reports though.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Ssrs Reports?

Reports can be categorized into operational and analytical reports. The distinction is based on the source of data and level of analysis facilitated by any particular report. Operational reports are based on OLTP sources and are static reports and Analytical reports are based on OLAP sources and generally facilitate drill-down and drill-through for analysis. Technically, SSRS reports can be categorized into parameterized, linked, snapshot, cached, etc...
Dell Boomi Most Frequently Asked Latest SSRS Interview Questions Answers
Dell Boomi Most Frequently Asked Latest SSRS Interview Questions Answers

What Are Parameterized Reports? What Are Cascading Parameters In Ssrs Reports?

Reports that accept parameters from users to fetch and report data conditionally, are known as parameterized reports. When you have multiple parameters in a report and values of different parameters are dependent and populated dynamically based on the value of parent parameters, it's known as a cascading parameter.

What Is The Main Benefit Of Using Embedded Code In A Report?

The main benefit of using embedded code in a report is that the code you write at the report level can be reused in any expression in the report.

What Programming Language Would You Use To Create Embedded Functions In Ssrs?

An SSRS report supports only visual Basic .nET embedded code.

Is Ssrs Support Other Database Except Ms Sql Server?

Yes. SSRS can be building based on relational or multidimensional data source like Oracle, OLEDB. ODBC etc.

What Is The Chart In Report?

Chart reports are for graphical representation. You can get pie charts columns harts and various other options. 3D charts are also available in reporting services.

What Are The New Features Of Sql Server 2012 Reporting Service?

The SQL Server 2012 has introduced a lot of new features. Some of them are given bellow

Power View – interactive data exploration
SharePoint integration
Introduction to Data Alerts
SQL Server Data tool
New rendering extensions (supports MS Office 2010)
Project Crescent is being introduced

What Is Sub Report?

Sub Reports is on kind of child report which opens in main report when main report loads. We can pass parameter to sub report.

Can Sub Report Data Source Be Different From That Of The Parent Report?


What Is Report Rendering?

To Exporting a report data with different type of file format is knows as Report rending. SSRS supports multiple rendering extensions like Word, Excel, CSV, PDF, HTML etc.

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