October 13, 2018

Sreekanth B

Forcepoint Most Frequently Asked ASP.NET MVC Interview Questions Answers

What Is Viewdata?

Viewdata contains the key, value pairs as dictionary and this is derived from class : "ViewDataDictionary". In action method we are setting the value for viewdata and in view the value will be fetched by typecasting.

What Is The Difference Between Viewbag And Viewdata In Asp.net Mvc?

ViewBag is a wrapper around ViewData, which allows to create dynamic properties. Advantage of viewbag over viewdata will be : In ViewBag no need to typecast the objects as in ViewData. ViewBag will take advantage of dynamic keyword which is introduced in version 4.0. But before using ViewBag we have to keep in mind that ViewBag is slower than ViewData.

Explain Tempdata In Asp.net Mvc?

TempData is again a key, value pair as ViewData. This is derived from "TempDataDictionary" class. TempData is used when the data is to be used in two consecutive requests, this could be between the actions or between the controllers. This requires typecasting in view.

What Are Html Helpers In Asp.net Mvc?

HTML Helpers are like controls in traditional web forms. But HTML helpers are more lightweight compared to web controls as it does not hold viewstate and events. HTML Helpers returns the HTML string which can be directly rendered to HTML page. Custom HTML Helpers also can be created by overriding "HtmlHelper" class.

How To Use Jquery Plugins In Asp.net Mvc Validation?

We can use dataannotations for validation in ASP.Net MVC. If we want to use validation during runtime using Jquery then we can use Jquery plugins for validation.


If validation is to be done on customer name textbox then we can do as

$('#CustomerName').rules("add", {

required: true,

minlength: 2,

messages: {

required: "Please enter name",

minlength: "Minimum length is 2"


Forcepoint Most Frequently Asked ASP.NET MVC Interview Questions Answers
Forcepoint Most Frequently Asked ASP.NET MVC Interview Questions Answers

How We Can Multiple Submit Buttons In Asp.net Mvc?

Below is the scenario and the solution to solve multiple submit buttons issue. Scenario

@using (Html.BeginForm("MyTestAction","MyTestController")


    <input type="submit" value="MySave" />

    <input type="submit" value="MyEdit" />

} Solution

Public ActionResult MyTestAction(string submit) //submit will have value either "MySave" or "MyEdit"


    // Write code here


What Are The Differences Between Partial View And Display Template And Edit Templates In Asp.net Mvc?

Display Templates : These are model centric. Meaning it depends on the properties of the view model used. It uses convention that will only display like divs or labels.

Edit Templates : These are also model centric but will have editable controls like Textboxes.

Partial View : These are view centric. These will differ from templates by the way they render the properties (Id's) Eg : CategoryViewModel has Product class property then it will be rendered as Model.Product.ProductName but in case of templates if we CategoryViewModel has List then @Html.DisplayFor(m => m.Products) works and it renders the template for each item of this list.

Can I Set The Unlimited Length For "maxjsonlength" Property In Config?

No. We can't set unlimited length for property maxJsonLength. Default value is - 102400 and maximum value what we can set would be : 2147483644.

Can I Use Razor Code In Javascript In Asp.net Mvc?

Yes. We can use the razor code in javascript in cshtml by using <text> element.

< script type="text/javascript">

@foreach (var item in Model) {

< text >

//javascript goes here which uses the server values

< text >


< script>

How Can I Return String Result From Action In Asp.net Mvc?

Below is the code snippet to return string from action method

public ActionResult TestAction() {

return Content("Hello Test !!");


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