October 9, 2018

Sreekanth B

Gartner Most Frequently Asked Latest CSS Interview Questions Answers

 Define Declaration block?

A catalog of directions within braces consisting of property, colon and value is called declaration block.
e.g.: [property 1: value 3]

Define property?

A style, that helps in influencing CSS. E.g. FONT. They have corresponding values or properties within them, like FONT has different style like bold, italic etc.

What is Alternate Style Sheet?

Alternate Style Sheets allows the user to select the style in which the page is displayed using the view>page style menu. Through Alternate Style Sheet, user can see a multiple version of the page on their needs and preferences.

Are quotes mandatory in URL’s?

Quotes are optional in URL’s, and it can be single or double.

What is at-rule?

Rule, which is applicable in the entire sheet and not partly, is known as at-rule. It is preceded by @ followed by A-Z, a-z or 0-9.

How can CSS be cascaded to mix with user’s personal sheet?

Properties can be a set in recommended places and the document modified for CSS to mix with user’s   personal sheet.
Gartner Most Frequently Asked Latest CSS Interview Questions Answers
Gartner Most Frequently Asked Latest CSS Interview Questions Answers

Enlist the various fonts’ attributes?

They are:


Why is it easy to insert a file by importing it?

Importing enables combining external sheets to be inserted in many sheets. Different files and sheets can be used to have different functions. Syntax:

@import notation, used with <Style> tag.

What is the usage of Class selector?

Selectors that are unique to a specific style, are called CLASS selectors. Declaration of style and association with HTML can be made through this. Syntax:

it can be A-Z, a-z or digits.
.top {font: 14em ;}, class selector
<Body class= “top”> this class is associated with element </body>

What happens if 100% width is used along with floats all across the page?

While making the float declaration, 1 pixel is added every time it is used in the form of the border, and   even more float is allowed thereafter.

Can default property value be restored through CSS? If yes, how?

In CSS, you cannot revert back to old values due to lack of default values. The property can be re- declared to get the default property.

Enlist the various Media types used?

Different media has different properties as they are case insensitive.

They are:

Aural – for sound synthesizers and speech
Print – gives a preview of the content when printed
Projection- projects the CSS on projectors.
Handheld- uses handheld devices.
Screen- computers and laptop screens.

Which Property Is Used To Set The Width Of An Image Border?

The border property is used to set the width of an image border.

Which Property Is Used To Set The Height Of An Image?

The height property is used to set the height of an image.

Which Property Is Used To Set The Width Of An Image?

The width property is used to set the width of an image.

What is CSS Box Model and what are its elements?

This box defines design and layout of elements of CSS. The elements are:

Margin: the top most layer, the overall structure is shown
Border: the padding and content option with a border around it is shown.  Background color affects the border.
Padding: Space is shown. Background colour affects the border.
Content: Actual content is shown.

What is graceful degradation?

In case the component fails, it will continue to work properly in the presence of a graceful degradation. The latest browser application is used when a webpage is designed. As it is not available to everyone, there is a basic functionality, which enables its use to a wider audience. In case the image is unavailable for viewing, text is shown with the alt tag.

What is progressive enhancement?

It’s an alternative to graceful degradation, which concentrates on the matter of the web. The functionality is same, but it provides an extra edge to users having the latest bandwidth. It has been into prominent use recently with mobile internet connections expanding their base.

How can backward compatibility be designed in CSS?

HTML sheet methods is collaborated with CSS and used accordingly.

How can the gap under the image be removed?

As images being inline elements are treated same as texts, so there is a gap left, which can be   removed by:


img { display: block ; }
img { display: block ; }

Why is @import only at the top?

@import is preferred only at the top, to avoid any overriding rules. Generally, ranking order is followed in most programming languages such as Java, Modula, etc. In C, the # is a prominent example of a @import being at the top.

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