October 28, 2018

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Intelenet Global Services Most Frequently Asked Latest SSRS Interview Questions Answers

How To Deploy The Report?

We can deploy SSRS report in three ways.

Using Visual Studio

In visual studio we can directly deploy the report through Solution explorer by providing the report server URL in project properties at Target Server URL. As our choice this will deploy entire project or single report as.

Using Report Server

We can directly go to the report server and deploy the report by browsing the report from the disk location of server.

Creating the Utility

SQL server provides the facilities to Create a customize utility to deploy the report.

What Is Rs.exe Utility?

Rs.exe utility is used for deploying the report on report server. It is built in with the report server and can be customized.

Can We Run Reporting Services With Sql Server Express Edition, Which Is A Free Version Of Sql Server?

Yes we can. SQL Server Express Edition with Advanced Services support Reporting Services. These is the free version.
Intelenet Global Services Most Frequently Asked Latest SSRS Interview Questions Answers
Intelenet Global Services Most Frequently Asked Latest SSRS Interview Questions Answers

What Are The Tools Available In Market As An Alternative To Sql Server Reporting Services?

Non-Open Source

Hyperion (BRIO)
Oracle Express OLAP
Informatica Power Analyzer
Dundas Chart for .NET
Open Source

Jasper Reports
BIRT (Business Intelligence Reporting Tools)

What Is Reporting Lifecycle?

Generally a Reporting Services has three mainly three phases

Development of Reports (Developer): at first reports need to be developed and it is done the developers.

Management of Reports (DBA): When the Report is being developed DBA ensure the following things

Security: only authorized user should access the report

Execution: how the report will be executed to optimize data sources performance

Scheduling of Reports: so that report are executed on scheduled timings

Report Delivery (DBA + Developer): When the report is being developed and executed the report is transferred to the business users. They use it and if any modification is required the report is go back to the development stage.

What Is The Web Service Used For Reporting Services? What Is Reporting Services Web Service?

The web service used in reporting service or SSRS is Reporting Services Web service. With this Web service SSRS provides a single entry point to the full functionality of the report serve. These Web service uses SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) over HTTP and acts as a communications interface between client programs and the report server. The Web service and its methods represent the functionality of the report server and allow us to create custom tools for any part of the report life cycle (from management to execution).

What Are The New Features Of Sql Server 2008 R2 Reporting Service?

The SQL Server 2008 R2 has introduced a lot of new features. Some of them are given below

New Report Types – Table, Matrix, List, Chart, and Sub report
Some New Tools is added to report designer Toolbox
Report Data Panel – built in page numbers
Report Builder 3.0

What are sub reports and how to create them?

A sub report is like any other reports which can be called in main report and can be generate
through main report. Parameters can be passed from main report to sub report and basis of
that report can be generated.

What is the report model project?

Report model project is for creating Adhoc reporting. You can create the adhoc reports
through report builder. Report model project can be created on bids or report server. This
model can have simple view. And using

What is report server project?

Report Server Project contains the RDL file and it need to be deployed on report server to
view the report files to application and user.
It a solution where we design our reports. You can add it by going into BIDS clicking on
new item and then selecting reports server project. Once the solution is created you can start
creating reports.

What is Query parameter in SSRS?

Query parameters is mentioned in the query of the datasources that are to be included into the SQL script’s WHERE clause of the SQL that can accept parameters. Query parameters begin with the symbol @.The name should not contain spaces and can not begin with numeral. For clarity, we use only letters.

What are the Reporting Service Components in SSRS?

Report Designer: A place where we can create report. Report Server: Provides services for implementation and delivery of reports. Report Manager: A Web-based administration tool for managing the Report Server.

What is a matrix in SSRS?

A matrix is a data region linked to a report set. Matrix allows us to create crosstab reports with the report variables displaying on rows and columns. It allows us to drag and drop fields into it.

What is the report builder?

Report builder is used to create small reports and it a define interface. You can’t change the
report interface in report builder it pre designed. You can just drag columns in the report.
Report builder creates reports on database objects available with report model project.

In which SQL Server version report builder introduced?

Report builder introduced in SQL Server 2005. While creating or deploying report model
project on report server you can get error or it might not get created. For this you need to
check whether the service pack 22 is installed or not.

What is Data Set in report?

Data set are the set of data which we want to show in report. Data creates on data source.
Data source is the source of data from where we are getting this data i.e. database server and
database name connection string.

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